Good Prohormone alternative?

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  1. Roland, is that a very young Steve Carrell in your avi?

  2. Seriously boys(ahem) Carry this sh!t on elsewhere...
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  3. Sorry bro, he just continues to keep going, I try to shrug him off like a kid who pulls on ur pant leg but he wont stop.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BodyWizard View Post
    Roland, is that a very young Steve Carrell in your avi?
    haha its a very young michael scott. (the office)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by rolandajoint View Post
    whoa, wait up. youre 20 and youve used phera 3x? not to start anything, but i hope youre fcukin huge. if not, i think you could consider that wasted time and money. just my $.02
    I live a hectic schedule, im usually tired with everything im doing(but im focusing on rest, more and more, so ive caught the flu 3x, once on cycle, lost 18lbs, then another before was about 9-10lbs. Had my mother feeding me. Been in a car accident, gone through depression.tried a controlled cut, and everything was lost following a no carb diet, high protein/fat. lost my job so the gym was not accessible, Im considered pretty big amongst my friends, and comparable to some of the big guys in the gym. I have some good size, Im 210 right now. really good thickness, atleast I think. Then there was the part when you get into a relationship, that can always be substituted for the gym :] so I got back into it realizing my diet was ****, I forgot what protein was, I loved carb/high fat diets which also came in inexpensive food.Looked in the mirror and what I had at once wasn't what I once had.

    I know im young, most start young, and we all preach the same thing even though most started early, so I dont need the pop talk. My dad found out, he wasn't happy but realizes im my own person and i'll do as I please. however, his wishes are for me not to touch it till im 24-25.

    The biggest Ive been was 234.

  6. tnt stack

  7. your probably infertile. have you tried getting a b*tch pregnant?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dazl1212 View Post
    Is there such a thing as an alternative to prohormones, that dont need PCT. If so what are they?
    High % extract cissus

    lot of options
    Dirk Tanis, BA, MSci
    Chief Operating Officer, Applied Nutriceuticals

  9. wow that IGF-2 stuff looks nice, im thinking of getting it now, thanks RMS!


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