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  1. Question Help/Suggestions needed

    Hey guys I wanted to start a new stack. I wanted to stack DTH with Prime along with some other stuff. My plan is to add some LBM and keep bf% in check or possibly even lower it. Here is what I have:

    Anabolic Pump
    Green Bulge

    Other Supplements

    Dymatize Elite Protein
    Multi Vit.
    Fish Oil

    If possible, could someone give some advise on dosing and times?

    I wake everyday at 4:30am and usually hit the gym around 7p.m.
    workout on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Fri. Wed, Sat, Sun are off days.

    Also is this a good stack to add some size with?

    Thank you in advance any and all help is greatly appreciated.

  2. What time do you go to bed?

  3. Usually 9:30 or 10

  4. **** man that is a lot of supplements....

  5. lol yeah I know. I took adavantage of the sale at NP and stocked up.

  6. yeah well the only supps that i have tried on your list is ReCreate, Anabolic Pump, and PowerFULL. Dose powerfull 2 caps, 30 minutes before bed. Anabolic Pump 10 minutes before every major meal of the day. ReCreate, 2 caps 30 minutes before exercise and 1 cap before your biggest meal of the day, preferably in the afternoon.

  7. Thanks bro. I appreciate the input. I was hoping for suggestions on stacking and dosing. Wasn't too sure on how to put everything together.

  8. Id try to plan my dosages to correspond with my meals. Take the Prime 2 caps with each meal, if you eat 3 times per day, 1 with each meal if you eat six times... 2 cap of the recreate first two meals, DTH, 1 with your first 3 meals, and not too close to bedtime, as it might disrupt your sleep. I'd also start with 3 caps of the DTH to asses tolerance. I'd then move up to four if all seems agreeable. More is not always better with DTH, taking too much could have a negative effect on your libido. I've found the best success splitting my dosage of Green Bulge between pre and PWO, 4 and 4. Depending on how much you weigh, you could reduce it to 3-3. Powerfull, I took the full dosage right before bed, as it works wonders for sleep. AP, 15-30 mins before your carb meals consisting of 60-80 grams of carbs. With AP, I'd experiment with different timing, and carb dosing/type protocols to find your "sweet spot." I like WMS pre, and post workout, and oats the rest of the time, because of their low GI. I'm not too familiar with Trisorbagen, but from the quick read of the description, it seems to be an absorption enhancer, and could be taken anytime it's convenient through out the day. Hope this helps.

  9. Thanks very much for the great help with all this. I highly appreciate it.

  10. No prob, I'm glad I could help!


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