Fat-Loss Stack Question from a vet

  1. Fat-Loss Stack Question from a vet

    I was wondering what the latest and best supps are for fat-loss assistance. I am a veteran of lifting, it's just that I don't have all day to spend online anymore with a daughter and family obligations.
    I am looking for the top 2 or 3 recommendations. Maybe one thermogenic, along with some type of oil(such as sesamin) or oil-blend, maybe a green-tea cap and then specific vitamin/minerals.
    I've already decided to use ZMA to help with sleep and hormone support. I've had problems with anxiety and mild depression in the past, so I'm also looking for things to balance me out and not exacerbate this condition.
    Thanks for any direction.

  2. A pretty popular stack is dcp/leviathan reloaded or leanfx which you may want to take a look into. I'm currently 3 days into my cut using dcp, LR, and napalm which is a topical fat loss supplement.

  3. Stim- Leviathan Reloaded, Scorch
    Nonstim- DCP, LeanFX, Lean Xtreme

  4. mitotropin with DCP and lean FX would be insane! run for 6 weeks then 2-4 weeks off then back on.

    on the off weeks use guggulsterones by syntrax

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