Advice on stack

  1. Advice on stack

    im 25 5'10 230 goal is to gain as much mass as possible

    600 mg bold and 4 testabolan for 8 weeks
    size on during workout
    no shotgun pre workout torrent post workout
    zma and trib at night
    post cycle reversitol with mass fx

    Anything else you guys would suggest or do you think this is a decent stack?

    cycle support with the whole stack

    thanks for all the advice

  2. Eat some eggs each morning the added cholesterol will help boost your test overall especially with what you are taking. Also during post cycle I would look into some sort of cortisol control to aid in keeping the muscle and not adding fat afterwards. LeanFX or Lean extreme are A+ products for this.

  3. thanks for the comments. so post cycle would be 4 weeks of lean fx mass fx and reversitol?

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