Poll: Which Stack??

Need you help deciding please!!!

  1. Question Need you help deciding please!!!

    I want to order Monday so please help me decide.

    NO Shotgun/NO Synthesize or Green Magnitude/White Flood

  2. I would go with the CL products. WF/GM. Best IMO between the 2.

  3. Shotgun is my favorite preworkout supp but CL products have more servings.

  4. althought i adore Shotgun, i would choose the CL combo.

    WF and GM together are great!!

  5. i say shock therapy and bulk creatime mono.. way cheaper.. tons of servings. probably doesnt help you but between the two controlled labs

  6. Controlled Labs all the way.

  7. wait till the Nutraplanet holiday sale kicks in then order

    oh and Controlled Labs
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