Side effect of Creatine Mono - any ideas?

  1. Side effect of Creatine Mono - any ideas?

    Quick background...

    I have been lifting for about 15 years, and have always taken pretty decent care of myself. Previously I didn't fully understand high glycemic foods, and ate on the traditional "low fat" scheme of things. I had mild hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) that I could control by eating. At times it would hit me so bad I would about pass out if I didn't eat NOW!!! I have since learned the value of good foods, and the proper way to eat. I have been able to drop about 40 lbs. in the last year and maintain pretty healthy. My blood sugar problem has disappeared, and I no longer battle heart burn. So here is my problem...

    Whenever I take creatine mono I get the low blood sugar feeling. If I take it alone, between meals, it is especially bad. The feeling can be reduced if I take it with my protein shake, or a meal, but its still there.

    What is going on? It really feels like the creatine sucks all the energy out of my system. Its not a fluke thing, I have cycled creatine on and off for this last entire year, and it happnes every time. What can I do?

    Thinking of slamming a high sugar juice drink or something like that when taking the creatine. Right now I have it mixed in with my protein. Any ideas?


  2. take it with 8-12 ounces of grape juice, should solve your problem, then drink a lot of water, mono demands that you hyper hydrate

  3. Add dextrose to your mix, Simple sugar and will mix easily.

  4. I echo what the others said. I also tend to up my carbs additionally a tad when on creatine, preferring the slow carbs/low glycemic ones before workouts, and the other types during/after workouts. Good luck!!

  5. Are you taking just straight creatine mono? A lot of creatine blends tell you not to take the product if you have blood sugar problems.



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