Arginine Ethyl Ester for HG release

  1. Arginine Ethyl Ester for HG release

    How many grams of Arginine Ethyl Ester should i be taking to get the benefits of Hormone Growth release, HG levels peak at night/sleep so i plan to take it at night any advice ?

  2. In my opinion GABA helps GH (Growth Hormone not Hormone Growth) release more than Arginine or Glutamine...and helps u get a great sleep...Somnidren GH, Powerfull, are also two great products that are good for GH release...

  3. i think most studies suggested 12g a day split 4 times a day. what the other guy said is true aswell melatonin 5mg and 3g of gaba before bed. look into melatonin and gaba there are some interesting studies on it.

  4. honestly do people think that little release in GH is worth anything from arginine?

  5. Arginine seems to be a hit or miss product when trying to induce GH release. There is an abundance of studies available if you do a Google search or use a journal d-base to search articles. Here is one study that you might use to decide for yourself if oral arginine would be beneficial. Please note the dosages used in this study as well as any other potentially synergistic substances used (ie, lysine).

    Edit (addition): I don't want people to think that just because a chemical can increase GH that the increase will result in any benefit. GH and the associated regulatory network is extremely complex. It is simply not linear: Increase GH --> Increase in lean tissue. You must understand what an 'increase' in GH mean. Is it a peak GH response? Was the GH response elevated for an extended period of time (Do you have AUC data?)? Did you measure plasma IGF-1 levels pre and post-administration?

    I don't want to try to get too into this, but I just wanted to say that there's more to gaining muscle mass than a simple change in GH.

    As a matter of fact, I have been on powerful GH releasers (GHRP-6 + CJC-1295) for ~2 months. I do not feel as though I have gained much mass. I have gained some, but it is not like I packed on 20lbs of lean tissue. Not compare that with someone taking oral arginine. It's not going to do anything for you in terms of lean tissue gains, IMO.

    The Ergogenic Potential of Arginine

    J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2004; 1(2): 35–38.
    Published online 2004 December 31. doi: 10.1186/1550-2783-1-2-35.

    Bill I Campbell,1 Paul M La Bounty,1 and Mike Roberts1
    1Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory, Baylor University, Waco, TX

    FULL TEXT HERE: The Ergogenic Potential of Arginine
    Arginine & Growth Hormone

    It is well documented that the infusion of arginine stimulated growth hormone secretion from the anterior pituitary [5,7]. This increase in growth hormone secretion from arginine infusion has been attributed to the suppression of endogenous somatostatin secretion [8]. The amounts of arginine infused to elicit the growth hormone response ranged from 12 grams to 30 grams. The clinical investigations of oral consumption of arginine and its impact on growth hormone release are not in agreement. When arginine (1.2 g) was ingested along with the amino acid lysine (1.2 g) in young males, peak plasma growth hormone concentrations increased 8-fold at 90 minutes post-ingestion [9]. However, when arginine and lysine were ingested alone at the same doses, there was no corresponding increase in plasma growth hormone. Suminiski and associates [10] reported that the ingestion of arginine (1.5 g) and lysine (1.5 g) resulted in a 2.7-fold increase in plasma growth hormone concentrations in resistance trained males. Colombani et al. [11] supplemented marathon runners with 15 g arginine aspartate for 14 days before a marathon run. On the day of the marathon, blood samples were taken shortly before the run, after 31 km, at the end of the run, and after a recovery period of two hours. The researchers found that growth hormone concentrations were elevated during a marathon run to a greater degree than exercise would elicit alone.

    Other studies using either resistance trained or physically active individuals showed no increases in plasma growth hormone concentrations following arginine supplementation. When resistance trained males consumed approximately 8 grams of arginine daily for 17 days there was no associated changes in growth hormone concentrations [12]. Similarly, Lambert et al. [13] gave male bodybuilders 1.2 g of arginine and 1.2 g of lysine. This supplementation did not induce a statistically significant increase in serum growth hormone concentrations over a 3 hour period. In a recent review, Chromiak and Antonio [4] highlighted several factors that appear to modify the growth hormone response to amino acid administration. These include training status, age, sex, diet, and time since last meal. Also, the growth hormone response to amino acid ingestion may be reduced in exercise-trained individuals [4]. These authors concluded that the practice of consuming specific amino acids, including arginine, during or after exercise does not appear to be effective [4].



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