post workout

  1. post workout

    im looking for a new post workout product. i wanted something cheaper than torrent or dark matter per serving. i take intrabolic during.

  2. I'm in the same boat, looking for a good recovery PW supp... I already mix some amino acids with mine but an looking for something extra.

  3. You guys should check out PeptoPro . You mix that with either dextrose or waxy maize and you have yourself a serious post workout drink. I bought mine from (using discount code "pkm142" to save up to 10% ofcourse ) but you can find it other places as well.
    Another option is just to keep it simple and pick up some Isolate and Dextrose from All The Whey. Plenty of People have gotten plenty big from using this simple drink and you really can't beat all the whey's protein.
    If you really want to get crazy you can try mixing up your own cocktail with Nutraplanet goodies, here is the one I want to try next:
    20g Glutamine
    10g Glycine
    15g BCAA
    5g Leucine

    That's just my two cents though.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  4. would peptopro slow the digestion of wms like whey?

  5. No because you only dose PeptoPro at about 10 grams, so as long as you have about 30+ grams of WMS you will get the benefits. WMS will do its rapid digestion as long as its more than 70% of the total solution.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  6. Butternut Squash with Vanilla Protein Powder. High GI, high nutrient, and yummy. What do you mean that's not what you were looking for

    Roast up a few butternut squashes, take the inside and puree/blend them. Vanilla matches well, although you can do different flavours (Orange works well). Cinnamon and nutmeg are nice spices to add in there.

  7. I recommend food but you could also go with golden finish by controlled labs if you want a supp.
    I was doing a mix of WMS/XTEND/Orange Juice/ + 4 Neovar
    SFW and GFH


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