Detour bars - very tasty -

Detour bars - very tasty

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    Detour bars - very tasty

    For those of you who consume protein bars, consider the new Detour bar by the makers of Designer Whey. Tastes great. Advertised as tasting like Snickers and I gotta say the taste is very close. I compared the nutritional info to Labrada Lean Body Bars. Detour is a little higher in fat and carbs but lower in sugar. Roughly the same amount of protein. Seems to me to be a very high quality bar in addition to truly tasting like a candy bar. Here is the nutritional info:

    Calories - 290
    Calories from Fat - 80
    Total Fat - 9g 14%*
    Saturated Fat - 3.5g 18%*
    Cholesterol - 40mg 13%*
    Total Carbohydrates - 21g 10%*
    Dietary Fiber - 3g 10%*
    Sugars - 6g †
    Protein - 32g 64%*
    Riboflavin - .10mg 6%
    Folate - 57mcg 14%
    Vitamin B12 - .75mcg 13%
    Calcium - 140mg 14%
    Iron - .50mg 3%
    Phosphorus - 153mg 15%
    Sodium - 480mg 17%
    Potassium - 150mg 4%

    Other Ingredients: Designer Whey Protein™ Blend (whey protein concentrate, hydrolyzed whey protein, PDUF whey protein™ isolate), water, GLYCERLEAN™ [99.7% USP glycerine, L-leucine, L-taurine, CLA], chocolate coating [sugar, partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, nonfat dry milk solids, cocoa powder processed with alkali, whole milk solids, soy lecithin, natural flavor, salt artificial flavor], peanuts, caramel, soy protein isolate, gelatin, calcium caseinate, inulin, peanut flavor, rice flour, salt, sucralose (Splenda® brand) potassium sorbate.

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    I've never tried them (don't eat bars myself) but the word Detour caught my attention, have you seen this thread:

    Probably nothing to worry about, just sharing some info.
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    Yes I had seen that post. I consider Next Proteins to be a reputable company and think it unlikely that Detour fails to meet nutritional claims.

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