List any supplements, foods, herbs that speed up metabolism.

  1. List any supplements, foods, herbs that speed up metabolism.

    hELLo, i wanted to have a thread that lists any and all supps, foods, or herbs you can take to increase metabolism, so that we can all have it as a reference guide. Any that you know of please list em. Some supps ...CL -Reduction, Axis Labs- Meltdown, Here's some food and herbs i found. apple cider vinegar+honey+garlic. It is good for increasing metabolism. Cayenne pepper. Chilli (chili), Mustard, Green Tea, Water, dietary fibers, foods that are complex carbohydrates and proteins. Eating plenty of protein-rich foods will boost your metabolism.
    of course eating breakfast, and exercising with weights and cardio is key.

  2. There's a bunch, I need to get back to studying, but here's 1 to get you started:

    From the Leviathan Reloaded Writeup:
    Acacia Rigidula:
    A very new ingredient to the industry Acacia Rigidula has show promising benefits in helping to stimulate metabolic rate and suppressing appetite.

  3. caffeine, ephedrine, synephrine, raspberry ketones, evodiamine, yohimbe, yohimbine.

    throwing in some cortisol supps wouldn't hurt. like 7-oh or vitamin C. i can't think of the other popular one but worth a shot. also people like to take carnatine or more specifically a product called DCP(if u can find it in stock anywhere) to help release the fat from cells to be burned as fuel

  4. pour chalula on everything!!!

  5. spicy foods help blunt the insulin response so throw on the franks red hot

  6. i just read that nUTRex's lipo 6x has Acacia Rigidula, in it. so theres another one


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