Lean Bulk Stack Questions And Suggestions

  1. Lean Bulk Stack Questions And Suggestions

    Hey guys, im currently logging a cut for MusclePharm you should check it out
    Cuttin up Panther style with Musclepharms Shred Matrix(sponsored)
    after i finish this cut tho im looking to start bulkin back up and am wondering what the best supps to do this would be.

    currently i have:
    1 Creatine Mono
    1 NosEther
    1 RPM
    2 MaxOut

    what should i add to this to make it most effective?would hyperdrol x2 be worthwhile? any help is appreciated

  2. pick up some more maxout...im probably gonna be running it at 6 caps a day...just to make sure im getting the proper amount of AA...some tta and forksolin would go great with maxout...

  3. X-factor/MaxOut + Drive + Prime + Battle Fuel = great success

  4. PAL: LeviathanR,Incarnate,Anabolic Edge
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  5. Divanol + IGF-2 + NeoVar Recomped + Drive

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    X-factor/MaxOut + Drive + Prime + Battle Fuel = great success
    would the prime be beneficial at my age?

  7. im seriously thinking about adding drive and possibly prime to that stack, and maybe some neovar recomped or Cre-02 for the creatine side of it


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