Few Stacks I think would be cool.

  1. Few Stacks I think would be cool.

    Magnesium + Agmatine + Phenibut + NA-RALA:
    NMDA Antagonist, NO promoters. Should lower stim tolerance and induce better sleep.

    Agmatine + Arachadonic Acid + Beta Alanine + Citruline Malate + PLCAR:
    NO promoter, LH release, buffering, hypertrophy, carnisone levels.

    Pre Workout: (getting a bit kitchen sink)
    Chocamine + Grape Seed + ALCAR + Sulbutamine + Geranamine + Icarrin + Agmatine + Arachadonic Acid
    cAmp, no, stimulation/motivation/, mitochondrial uncoupling


  2. i think adding some divanill in with the second one would go a really long way, and be a really sick stack at the right doses

  3. The second one looks good...add some TTA or Forskolin to the AA and itll be perfect...

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