I'm currently on a JW/BAM stack. I ran JW stand alone for 2 weeks @ 3x/day. Then added BAM on week 3. I have one more week of JW left and 3 weeks of BAM remaining. My original thought was to use 6-oxo extreme at the end of the stack, but seeing ALRI suggest Restore with BAM for two weeks and two weeks as a stand alone I wonder if I should run the 6 oxo the same way.

By the way, I'm running a liver support with this stack and I've experienced very little sides. Mainly some lethargy and a little loss of libido, but not much at all. Gains are good. I'm extremely happy. I'm 37 years old, been lifting for a long time and still play a variety of sports. I wanted something to give me more alpha male mentality and maintain my LBM and get a little leaner. JW/BAM has definitely helped. I'm only up 2 lbs., but my muscle fullness and strength are way up.

The only thing outside of creatine, protein and NoX I've tried is T-bomb and 6 oxo and I didn't get much out of Tbomb. So I'm easily impressed with my results.