AA questions

  1. AA questions

    I was considering getting max out from i-force and was just wondering if anyone can share results and I was also wondering if anyone knows any of any health risks associated with AA? Thanks!

  2. there are really no apparent side effects from high arichindoic levels. Ive personally am taking it right now, the only noticible side effect is increased soreness. Other healths could include altered lipid profile and such things of this nature, but these would come about with chronic arichindonic acid overdose.Its a very safe supplent. Id say almost as safe as creatine. Arichonidic acid is found in steak and eggs. and actually in olden time, when people hunted animals, the animals had higher concentrations of AA. so in a modern american diet AA supplementation is very beneficial.

    Max out however also include icarrin and 25-r-diol

  3. AA is so overrated.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Maxwell600 View Post
    AA is so overrated.
    it not overated, but its expensive.

    So the price to effective ratio might not be so good for some.

    but i still reccomend it.

    So, have you tried AA?

  5. what are typical results experienced on AA



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