Max Anabol from Max Muscle

  1. Max Anabol from Max Muscle

    I spent about 30 minutes looking around Google and this site was the closest I could find with any kind of useful info on that supplement, but I still didn't find what I'm looking for.

    I've been lifting for almost a year now and wasn't seeing a lot of improvement all summer so I went to Max Muscle for some dietary advice. Before I was just trying to eat a whole bunch of protien and carbs 4 times a day or so, and taking a protien shake after my workouts. They gave me a really good diet plan and a bunch of extra supplements (glucevol, creatine, glutamine) including these Max Anabol tablets. I've definitely noticed a difference in my last few workouts.

    I'm wondering a couple things about them I was hoping you guys could help me with:

    Do they actually work, and if so are they worth $55 a month?

    They say "all natural" but to me that doesn't mean they're safe. Poison ivy is all natural too but you don't see people running around eating that. Are there any long-term risks from taking this stuff? I'm terrified of steroids but supposedly these aren't the same thing at all.

    I'm 25 and in pretty good shape with a naturally high metabolism. Do I even need this, or is it intended more for older guys whose metabolism is slowing down?

    Right now I'm 158 with around 11% body fat and I'd like to get to 175 with under 10% within 7 months. Is Max Anabol necessary for me to get there by then?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. zink - 15 mg
    magnesium - 225 mg
    anti estrogen blend - 205 mg: Red Clover Extract (8 % isoflavones), DIM, Chrysin
    anabolic blend - 664 mg: Tribulus Terrestris (40 mg Protodioscin - 60 % saponins), Rhaponticum carthamoides (5 % 20- Hydroxy Beta ecdysterone), Muira puama
    male performance blend - 975 mg: Ajuga Turkestanica (2 % Turkesterone), Horny Goat Weed, Rhodiola Rosea (3% rosavin), Maca 4:1 Extract, Pygeum africanum (12% phytosterols), Saw Palmetto Berry extract (45% fatty acids)

    The ingredients are perfectly safe...i wouldnt buy it cuse there are much better natty test boosters out there...Welcome to AM...

  3. Awesome, thanks for the advice! What do you recommend as an alternative?

  4. RPM is a good one.

  5. Ok, I'll check it out. Should I even be worrying about this stuff at this point though? I can't quite bench a full set of my own weight yet so I figure I'm still a long ways off from where these kinds of supplements are necessary to keep growing. But if it's safe, somewhat affordable, and makes a noticeable difference then I'm all for it.

  6. Well at 25 I assume your test is fairly high, although not all guys your age are. How long have you been training, if you are eating good and in early lifting stages then you will grow.

    RPM can give you good energy to get the training done. It will help with gains, but it sounds like you are doing well right now.

  7. I started about 10 months ago but was only lifting 3 days a week. I've worked my way up to 6 days a week now so I figure with all that time I'm putting in I better not waste it by not eating right or missing out on supplements that might help me.

    I feel better every week - my only regret is that I didn't start sooner.

  8. lifting 6 days a week might be too much for someone that is trying to gain...

    nutrition is key, rest is the next most important thing!

    what's your split look like?
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by delsolrob View Post
    lifting 6 days a week might be too much for someone that is trying to gain...

    nutrition is key, rest is the next most important thing!

    what's your split look like?
    I would agree on the six day thing. I do a 5 day training at 1 body part a day with some being hit secondary. Two days off a week do me good. I do no cardio or training at all those days.

  10. Diesel Test Hardcore + Stoked is a nice stack; however, there is no reason to stay on this stuff for an extended period, nor should you. Run it for 6-8 weeks, then drop it for a while.

    Look into DiCreatine Malate, Beta Alanine, and Waxy Maize Starch as staple supplements, along with your standard whey protein and vitamins.

    Visit the board sponsor, Muscle Milk, Hydroxycut Hardcore, Lipo 6, Saw Palmetto, and more - NutraPlanet for all of these products. Spend some time reading the forum. Tons of useful info on all of this stuff.

    Welcome aboard!


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