RPN Havoc Severe side effect

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by JJC View Post
    Back to the topic at hand...

    Did you not take any liver support supplements? Did you just stop your cycle cold? How long were you on cycle? When was the last day you took Havoc?

    That is what I think also he is taking no support supps just protein
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Gutterpump View Post
    I don't know, low carb treats me very well. Just agrees with me.

    The epi also made me feel great lol.

    I think if you're borderline insulin resistant, or you are IR, then any low carb, or low GI diet will make you feel 10x better. My fasting glucose is around 90 normally though so I don't think I am resistant. I just feel great not getting tired after eating and not feeling bloated. I don't lose energy at all while in ketosis...maybe just some muscle endurance, but supps help that anyhow. I was taking clout as well and did not feel my muscle endurance dropping.
    hm.. maybe thats my problem i'm insulin resistant. whenever i eat i get bloated as hell and usually get tired. anyway to combat this or tell if its true? i've taken anabolic pump and now am on yellow gold and i can take 2 grams of yellow gold and wait an hour and i don't feel like i'm going hypo and don't get extremely hungry like most people report.

  3. How about some support supps? Post cycle supps? It sounds to me like you got a pretty piss poor cycle going here.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    How were your gains low carbing? I'm not sure if I'm IR, but I generally feel great on low carb.
    Pretty good, you can cut or bulk low carb. I wasn't aiming for mass then though, more of a recomp.

  5. To the OP: careful taking PH/PS with any possible psychological issues. They can / will enhance them, especially during pct. Be safe before touching any of these things.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bioman View Post
    I always have to up my carbs considerably when on Epi or Havoc. Even while dirty bulking I will lose fat. Hypoglycemia will cause all of the symptoms you mentioned and more. I get lethargic, can't concentrate and often become extremely irritable.

    What should i do to overcome this condition..???

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Big BAMA View Post
    Eat more carbs like you are on AP. You might be getting Hypoglycemic from it if you don't. Be careful you can get sick. Some people used to call this the "Superdrol Flu".

    Does this mean that Havoc reduces the blood sugar?

    and BTW what is AP..?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by kayz View Post
    Does this mean that Havoc reduces the blood sugar?

    and BTW what is AP..?

    Anabolics will shuttle glycogen faster into your muscle, more than usual, which leaves you with less to burn off for the rest of your body.

    AP = Anabolic Pump. It has this effect as well, supposeldy helps shuttle carbs/glycogen into muscle.

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    yes - that is why you can buy it online. . .
    i get my test online...

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