Adding prime to current stack?

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    Adding prime to current stack?

    I'm currently using drive, rpm, supercissus, and the remainder of a bottle of AP (though I've become desensitized to it apparently)

    Is there any problem with adding Prime to this, or has anyone used this combination?

    I'm not about to cry over the price of a single bottle of prime, if it doesn't work then oh well, if it does then awesome. The reason I'm not sure is I don't know if the aromatase inhibition from the drive/rpm will have any effect on its uptake since I really don't know much about it.

  2. A lot of threads are saying to try Prime by itself before stacking... Not sure how it will react to your stack, someone else would be better to answer that...

  3. If you wish to gauge the product's full capacity, then I would suggest running it individually, apart from any other supplementation; however - pragmatically - it would be a very nice addition to the list you have there. It simply depends on whether your goal is to disseminate the full effects of PRIME, or create a greater synergy between all the products in your arsenal! Your choice!
  4. dpfisher
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    This stack has had some nice benefits but if prime lives up to its hype im sure ill be able to tell, regardless of whatever else I'm using. I'll give it a go.

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