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  1. quick question

    I am thinking about buying and mixing the NO SHotgun v.3 with Ragnarok. Im new to this whole thing. Just curious if it will have a much better effect instead of just taking one.

    I just finished a month of NO Xplode. I run 2 miles a day now, and workout every other day.

  2. I say it is a waste. Run them solo. It will not make you feel "Super Pumped" but it will probably make you feel sick.

  3. so individulay, which one is better solo?

  4. that would be for you to find out. I love the Rag. though. great supps in it.

  5. I liked Blue Raz Rag.

  6. didn't try that one yet but I will next PWO supp I buy.

  7. I agree with Bravo and Bama...run em solo to see for sure which one you like best. No need to mix, as then you can't tell which one is doing what and it could def upset your stomach. Good luck bro.

  8. thanks guys, im prob gonna go with the rag then. I just want a one that will give me a better and longer workout. yea some ppl were complaining about no xplode. Theres nothing wrong with it, its a very good product. Just want to try a newer one since my bodies getting used to it.

  9. sounds more like you need to take it is easy for a couple of weeks from stims and then dose in some ResetAD or something of that nature. then take the Rag. and then unleash the beast!


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