i ddint know were to post this

My names tom im from uk

im training for the Royal Navy, about 2 months ago i weighd in at about 13 and a half ston, i got my self down to 11 in the space of 2 months, gym every day apart from a sunday, plenty cardio did the trick, i had to loose weight in order for me to pass my fitness test

Now that i have passed everything im loooking at after christmas to get in so in the mean time i thaught id bulk up abit. iv got my self back up to about 12 stone,

Im currently taking Reflex Instant Whey, Cycling between Kre-Alkalyn and Creapure and also got sum Pro Anabol by ALR

what im wanting is to bulk up as quickly as i can before i go away.

any help from nay body?

im eating a really well balanced diet i would say dropped all my fatty foods such as chips and take aways ETC

Thanks Alot