triple stack

  1. triple stack

    During the last couple of months i have purchased three different supplements at the behest of a friend. I havent taken any of them and im hoping someone with a little greater knowledge than myself (and my buddy) can tell me if these can be used in cinjunction with each other or seperately or maybe just two of them,what ever the case may be any info would be an enormous help!The supps. are supermass am101,Mass fx and phera-plex.

  2. phera plex is not a supplements. its a designer steroid. Mass fx i would save for its post cycle. and supermass am101 is also a 2 in 1 designer steroid consisting of Halodrol 50 and superdrol

  3. phera-plex or supermass?

    Which one should i use to put on some size?

  4. do you know anything about them? About PCT? whats your planned dosage for each as well as PCT

  5. Second what Texas said.

    You'll want to avoid taking any of those before reading about Post Cycle Therapy.

  6. In two years, you will be really glad you still have those, unopened. For now, try the world's number 1 anabolic compound: food.

  7. Good on you for coming here, and shame on that friend who pushed these bottles onto you. They are potent steroids, literally steroids, and can do serious harm when misused.

    There's plenty of information located in the stickies in the steroid section... from cycle advice to PCT planning. Spend some time over there and read up on what you have in your posession, and do not rush anything.


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