maybe this will help BDC, creatine info.

  1. maybe this will help BDC, creatine info.

    i found out what that creatine precursor was, its glycocyamine. maybe that should help with your research on BBS's endocre3.

    this i thought was really cool as well,****63216

    mix the precursor with creatine, try something like that no2 product, or find something out in your lab. i dunno your the big daddy, its up to you! but def. gotta add a "teen line-up" of supplements soon.

  2. I am waiting for materials to start the
    homebrew N02 described in the BB forum
    thread you listed above.

    I wonder if anyone else has any ideas
    on this NO2 substitute.

  3. yes i saw that articles, looks great and when i start to see a plateu coming im going to try making some.

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