Mucuna Pruriens shipping to Canada? Any supplier/site?

  1. Unhappy Mucuna Pruriens shipping to Canada? Any supplier/site?

    Every supplier's site I tried tells me they won't ship it in Canada because of some weird restriction in Canada. Can any of you help me?

    Note that I can and did order some L-dopa, but it's really Mucuna that I need.

  2. Mucuna Pruriens is l-dopa? And I get all kinds of banned **** (PH's etc) shipped to Canada all the time - never had a problem.

  3. Never had a problem either.

  4. We have never had any issue shipping mucuna pruriens aka l-dopa extract to canada. We have been able to ship formestane with no issue as well. It is a possibility but in most cases there is no issue
    Owner of TGB Supplements

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