Dexaprine XR causing Tinnitus?

  1. Dexaprine XR causing Tinnitus?

    I should note that I already have tinnitus here and there. I took my first half cap of dexaprine XR on Saturday and then another half cap two hours later. After it kicked in I noticed the volume of my ear ringing increased significantly. I'm just curious if anybody else has experienced tinnitus with this supplement? I'm kinda nervous to take it again and kinda bummed cause I did enjoy the increased drive, energy, and focus. I just can't handle the ear ringing well though. Thanks!

  2. Raising blood pressure often makes tinnitus more noticeable.

  3. this is certainly not a common issue. your the first person ive seen mention this. give it a few days and I bet it will subside, if you can handle it anyhow.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by KrisL View Post
    Raising blood pressure often makes tinnitus more noticeable.
    This. Take some aspirin with it or discontinue it altogether.
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  5. Heavy stims definitely make my tinnitus more noticeable. I won't profess to know why exactly, but they do.



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