Dexaprine 3rd Party Test

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    They may be saying that the theophylline content exceeds that which is naturally extractable from the plant.
    They are most definitely saying that. They also claim it is cheaper to use synthetic forms rather than naturally extracting said substances(in a negative connotation).
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    I briefly looked over the full study (4 pages).. their main gripe is that they want active's to be listed on the label. They also claim unnaturally high levels of theophylline.. which doesn't really make sense...That's like saying a 5g serving of creatine mono contains "unnaturally" high levels of creatine that you can't find in nature.
    mind sharing the FT?
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  3. @Royd The Noyd, the author just got back to me with the text if you are still interested
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    @Royd The Noyd, the author just got back to me with the text if you are still interested
    That's funny bc I literally just tried to access it again this morning. I would like to see it. PM coming...
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  5. Can't get this in Australia anymore We only had the powder version, not the pills - I think the pills had yohimbine which is banned here.

    I can't post the link but article text from the newspaper:

    One person has been hospitalised after consuming a sports drink with an amphetamine-like substance and illegal levels of caffeine.

    The energy drink, Dexaprine XR Green Apple, has illegal levels of caffeine and an amphetamine-like substance, and on Thursday was recalled by the manufacturer.

    One Australian has required hospitalisation after drinking Dexaprine XR Green Apple, which is sold in sports supplement stores in ACT, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and online.

    In a statement on Thursday, ACT Health said the product contained prohibited levels of caffeine, prescription-only substances and an amphetamine-like substance.

    An ACT Health spokeswoman said one ACT business, with three outlets in Canberra, had been identified as a distributor, as well as an unknown number of online outlets.

    "The health detection service inspected the ACT outlet and determined there was no product present in that outlet," she said.

    "The business reports the stock of the product has not been received or sold."

    She said the official national product recall had been issued by Food Standards Australia and NZ on May 6.

    ACT Health said consumers should not drink the product and return it for a full refund at the place of purchase.

    It is sold as a powder in a 120 gram plastic tub, with an expiry date of November 2018, and has been made by Kings Sports Industries Pty Ltd
    Personally, I never had any problems with it and probably another case of a person using it stupidly. That said, I did have a bit of a gripe that the nutrition label says 1 scoop = 1 serve but in actual fact, 1 scoop = closer to 2 serves so it could be quite easy to unknowingly use more of the product than is intended.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by PuZo View Post
    I do not. It's more alarmist propaganda. Everything they found was as listed on the label so it comes to question if whoever made this study has some sort of an agenda.Everything they found was declared... so...
    Deterenol is on the label?
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by De__eB View Post
    Deterenol is on the label?
    This is what they are saying is isopropyloctopamine. I think...,
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