WTF are these compounds? AND DON'T SAY GOOGLE IT! lol

  1. WTF are these compounds? AND DON'T SAY GOOGLE IT! lol

    The product is RPM Anabolic Muscle Booster from Poland. - This is exactly what the ad says

    Increase body weight regardless of the diet and training

    56 caps.

    Anabolic Muscle Booster stimulates the growth of muscle mass , by inhibiting the decarboxylation of amino acids
    and stimulation of protein digestion and amino acid metabolism savings and directing them to the synthesis of proteins.
    2-3 kg of pure muscle in a month.

    1 capsule of 2x a day , regardless of the distribution exercise , eat 0.5 hours before a light meal .
    Do not exceed 2 capsules every day.

    SO, I wrote them and asked for an ingredients list and this is the mess that I got back from them.....

    13-Methyl-[1,3]benzodioxolo[5,6-c]-1,3-dioxolo[4,5-i]phenanthridinium1,2-dimethoxy-12-methyl[1,3]benzodioxolo[5,6-c]phenanthridin -12-ium 7-Methyl-6,8,9,16-tetrahydrobis[1,3]benzodioxolo[4,5-c:5,6-g]azecin-15(7H)- one[1,3]Benzodioxolo[5,6-c]-1,3-dioxolo[4,5-i]phenanthridin-6-ol

    WTH is this? Has me scratching my head. I'm thinking an assload of natural componentss although I see some methylated compounds in the mix. Googling provided no answers and googling the product itself was even LESS helpful. Just search Anabolic Muscle Booster on eBay. It's a white bottle with the letters RPM on the front top left corner, with the ingredients listed on the front of the bottle. Weird stuff. Maybe I'm just looking too far into it but I gotta know what this stuff is!! Thanks in advance for any help on this one guys.

  2. Do NOT buy or consume this product.

    Assuming it is what it says on the label, this is NOT safe for human consumption. These compounds have been tested as cancer treatments, and in concentrated doses can have deleterious side effects. The FDA has issued multiple warnings specifically about one of the compounds in this.


    Here's what the compounds are:

    Sanguinarine - 13-Methyl-[1,3]benzodioxolo[5,6-c]-1,3-dioxolo[4,5-i]phenanthridinium
    Chelerythrine - 1,2-dimethoxy-12-methyl[1,3]benzodioxolo[5,6-c]phenanthridin -12-ium
    Cordynine - 7-Methyl-6,8,9,16-tetrahydrobis[1,3]benzodioxolo[4,5-c:5’,6’-g]azecin-15(7H)- one
    Corynoline - [1,3]Benzodioxolo[5,6-c]-1,3-dioxolo[4,5-i]phenanthridin-6-ol


    Clinicoepidemiological, toxicological, and ... [Crit Rev Toxicol. 1997] - PubMed - NCBI

    Several outbreaks of Epidemic Dropsy have occurred in the past in India as well as in Mauritius, Fiji Island, and South Africa. Clinico-epidemiological manifestations of argemone oil poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, swelling of limbs, erythema, pitting edema, breathlessness, etc. In extreme cases, glaucoma and even death due to cardiac arrest have been encountered. The toxicity of argemone oil has been attributed to two of its physiologically active benzophenanthridine alkaloids, sanguinarine and dihydrosanguinarine.
    SNS Representative - [email protected] .com

  3. Deeb, you are the MAN. Thank you so much. I'm going to go flag that BS right now. They are selling this **** for 20 bucks a bottle with a promise of gaining 12-15lbs in mass. I hate shady companies and I thank you again, sir, for your quick response and time.

  4. Anyone google it yet??
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

  5. Yea, I googled it before I posted. Because all of the compounds were crammed together on the label, I didn't know where one compound started and the other Chemistry definitely is not my forte.



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