Top 5 performance supps?

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    Why no Betaine?
    Well thats my top 5, I personally notice better effects with the 5 I mentioned compared to Betaine.
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  2. Beatine + cOp + xgels

  3. Anything from herbalife or shakeology
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay View Post
    Well thats my top 5, I personally notice better effects with the 5 I mentioned compared to Betaine.
    Oh gotcha

    Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    Anything from herbalife or shakeology
    You Sir have to have bumped your noggin lol
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by alwaysfirst View Post
    What would the top supplements be for pure performance, pre contest or any type of race be?
    Follidrone, Citrulline malate, creatine, agmatine & amentoflavone

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    This question seems to come up a lot lately now that rhodiola is gaining popularity. Initially the "feel" will be a boost of energy. If too much is consumed, then that can turn into real lethargy because there is a bell curve. You need to assess the right dose for you (I like 200-250 2x a day). After a couple weeks, the energy boost feeling subsides and then there isn't much "feel", but rather a sustained energy level throughout the day. It also helps your body adapt and combat stress as it is a powerful adaptogen. In turn, you get more out of sleep, fight cortisol, and don't get the lulls that many people do throughout the day.

    I added it in about 8 years ago and I used to suffer from what I call "drag ass" because I was in a very hard training mode and I'd just drag ass all the time because my body always needed more rest no matter how much I gave it. Rhodiola was recommended by a guy I was training with and within 2-3 weeks, I found that I was getting more energy throughout the day and sleeping better. Then I realized I was able to deal with stress better and not get bogged down.

    Hope that helps. It is a great supplement that I highly recommend.
    Any particular brands you prefer?

  7. Creatine mono, HMB-FA, Arachidonic Acid, Betaine Anhydrous and 5th would have to be either beta alanine or COP.
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