Racetam discussion

  1. Racetam discussion

    I was interested in trying one of the racetams, out of the 4 most popular ones what is your guys favorite.
    also is Choline supplementation necessary, i came across threads where people have claimed choline can cause a sense of impeding doom that you may confuse as a side effect of the racetam. my last question is there any reason to fear nootropics for risk of dependency or screwing up your mind permanently.
    My body is one thing, my brain is another lol.

    Im just looking for increased focus and motivation as school started up and i need to retake a couple classes and get at least a "B" in both of them to get into my program.

  2. I've tried aniracetam, noopept, and piracetam. Out of those I can recommend noopept, 30mgs sublingual hits pretty good, makes me more focused. Personally aniracetam just makes more more sociable, but that could be placebo. Still want to try oxiracetam and phenylpiracetam but haven't had a chance.

    Racetams don't cause dependence and don't seem to have any associated toxicity.

    Choline is pretty necessary with racetams if you don't eat a diet with a good amount of choline, which is basically meat and eggs. The "sense of impending doom" goes along with the choline induced depression that can happen if you take a large amount of it daily. If you keep it to less than 3 grams of choline citrate a day you won't run into that, and if you do all you need to do is stop taking it for a few days to go back to normal.

  3. Most nootropics are mild and won't mess up your mind at reasonable dosages. They are also a lot more passive than you may think, it helps to be in tune with your body to be able to tell a difference. As far as racetams go noopept is half way decent, though it takes high dosage (40-60mg) for me to feel anything. Versa-1's nootropic feel (From the Citicoline) really stood out to me, though it may be cost prohibitive. And phenibut used sparingly is also a good nootropic, it takes about 3 grams to have a noticeable effect on me.

    My recomended Nootropic/Wellbeing stack:

    SNS Focus XT Stim Free-1 Scoop (Depending on caffeine tolerance)
    Noopept-10 Mgs

    Good things to add-
    Dopadex-(Gives great rest and if used during the day I've found a mild mood/focus enhancement)
    Nicotine-(Use gum, patch or e-cig sparingly)
    Phenibut-(Works best if used 2 times a week not back to back, withdraws a bitch)

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