Testoluten..Coop your thoughts on this please

  1. Testoluten..Coop your thoughts on this please

    Coop what are your thoughts on this?
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    I'm a little leary since they spelled bioregulators wrong in their URL...but oh well lol, it happens.
    Since I have low test and did not respond well to Androgel, I wonder if the Testoluten might hold some promise...still don't have insurance as well and thought maybe this might help?

    If these peptides might work, any others to add in addition to the Testoluten?

  2. Not something I'd spend my money on ever.
    If for no other reason that it begins as "Crazy Russian Army Secret!" Along with the whole thing being an advertisement, no research linked. Plus it says only 10 days per 6 months....but you can do it more often

    Testaluten is literally cow testicles and beet sugar basically. Not going to do much. Fried with ketchup they aren't that bad but I would not expect anything physiologically from these products.
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  3. Grambo is on point. Most peptides have poor oral bioavailability due to basic peptidase activity in the stomach and duodenum

  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
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