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Nice results, and please PLEASE don't take this the wrong way...just some questions, and honestly purely scientific interest not being a dick:

-Was this after the first time ever dosing?

-Did you in some way document (in a log here or anyway) how you go about your day and/or week leading to THAT particular Leg workout of that one session?

-If so , did you do anything different? Did you vary calories, sleep, supplementation, mood, psychologically stimulating factors such as different music, anger, stress, etc?

-Did this effect repeat itself? If so at what dosages? What changed? How many times did you dose before this effects? (In case it was not on the first dose)

All those could be ways to find if it really can be considered a quasi case-study about it being significantly important in amazing performance enhancing for 1 sole individual without placebo and with ceteris paribus considerations aside the dosage of this supplement.
Good questions sub'd for answer as a guy on a keto diet and training for endurance (50k race) this product really has my interest if we can atleast get so good end user feed back.

PS what a way to bring out the Latin lol