Dietary Fats: Mono's vs PUFA's vs Saturated

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    Dietary Fats: Mono's vs PUFA's vs Saturated

    Necessary Background:
    For 20+ years, Ive essentially lived on some form of a low/lower carb (higher fat) diet.

    I began 20 years ago with Atkins, then switched to Protein Power (Dr Eades), then adopted and fostered the Low Glycemic Index diet principles as I slowly introduce "some" carbs back into my eating regimen via carb cycling/TKD and CKD.

    20 years ago, I was not concerned or even educated for that matter on which types of fast to ingest for health, I pretty much just ate fats of all varieties and kept carbs low.

    For what it's worth, I never noticed any discernable aesthetic or physiological or mental/emotional changes from my clueless neophyte low carb days where I employed the Atkins style of fats-eating (sloppy fats: sausage, fatty red meats, cheese until I'd puke) compared to 10+ years ago when I made a conscience effort to add EFA"s (Carlson's fish oil liquid) and add more raw nuts (all types), and avocado/EVOO/macademia nut oil preparations when cooking and avoided "nasty sloppy" fats. Heck, 20 hyears ago, I'd eat nothing but McD's double quarter pounders with cheese (no bun). every day for lunch (lol, yes, I was "that guy").

    Even my lipid levels remained VERY healthy once I made the switch 20 years ago.

    With all the talk about Coconut Oil as the superior saturated fat, and Mono's being the best fats and PUFA's being villified/demonized..... is there really THAT MUCH of a difference? At times, and being the consummate cynic, I don't know if I actually believe there is as much as the "studies" show and wonder if all the arguments are borm from food companies propoganda/tactics trying to push their own agendas for more sales - no different than any other foos source.

    Let's face it, dieting and food in general are BIG money making topics in this world.
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    Hayden posted a very detailed research review on dietary fats to my Facebook page. I will get it later when I am on my laptop if he doesn't post it in the interim.
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    I don't think PUFA's should be demonized at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronuconn View Post
    I don't think PUFA's should be demonized at all.
    What about the freaky oils with out of whack O6/O3 ratios? Or the trans fats?
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    Fatty red meats is sloppy fats? If the research was biased via food companies it would be pushing canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil and trans fats as healthy fats, which the research doesnt support so its a bit of a push to say research is biased by food companies
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    Hayden posted a very detailed research review on dietary fats to my Facebook page. I will get it later when I am on my laptop if he doesn't post it in the interim.
    Here we are:

    When PUFAs are oxidized, they create problems that have as of late been falsely linked to SFA's (they are oxidized to aldehydes which may augment certain metabolic disorders).
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