The countdown to abs - a sponsored LG Methyl Masterdrol V2 log

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  1. Yeah, i think i'm going to do a 2 week velocity diet starting today since I feel like i've solidified the gains + my hormones are back to normal. A quick stab down to 185 again (so 12lbs of fat loss here I come!) and then I think natural mass gainers. I'm thinking Bad Ass Mass + ProAnabol, plus drive + IGF-2, and a lean bulk thru the summer. depends on what happens as far as ab visibility after this quick velocity diet. I'm going to a company meeting the week of june 9, so I want to look extra good for it

  2. bis + tris

    reverse grip ez curls superset with reverse grip overhead triceps ext 43x20-43x13, 43x20-43x11, 43x20-43x10, 43x21-43x9, 43x17-43x8

    alternating hammercurls superset with standing db tri extensions - 25x15-25x13, 25x15-25x11, 25x14-25x8, 25x12-15x20, 25x8-15x17

    triceps pushdowns superset with machine preacher curls 60x15-15(dunno bar weight)x15, 60x12-15x13, 60x11-15x9

    and i gave up at that point. lots of reps lots of pump, some light pain

  3. for the first time in I don't know how long, I actually have triceps DOMS

  4. nice!
    Body Performance Solutions
    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  5. Ahhh the pain of doms, feels good! Its like a badge of acomplishment!

  6. Hows the little angel today?? Is he still as cute as ever?!!

  7. he is a pooping machine. however the diapers don't quite always keep up :P

  8. :::Snicker::: LOL I remember those days, its always while you are out too!!

  9. chest

    incline db superset with incline db fly 50x10-25x15, 40x13-25x12, 40x11-15x20, 40x13-15x20, 40x12-15x17

    decline machine press superset with flat db fly superset with squeeze press 50x12-10x20-10x10, 50x11-10x18-10x10, 50x12-10x17-10x9, 50x13-10x18-10x9

    and that was more than enough volume for me for a day. my triceps still were a little sore from thursday so that limited me some. I can tell that my chest is going to be horribly sore tomorrow

  10. started a back workout, and just didn't have it in me for some reason. overstimmed + underhydrated I think. my stomach was irritated too...

    wide grip pulldowns superset with vertical rows 140x15-43x15, 140x12-43x15, 140x10-43x15, 140x11-43x15, 140x12-43x15
    high rows 105x13, 105x12, 105x10, 105x13, 105x11

    and just had no urge to continue. maybe real high volume on widegrip pulldowns just isn't for me

  11. Easy, aren't you running Formadrol for your PCT? I was just wondering of you could give us an assessment of its effectiveness thus far? And at what dose are you running it for your PCT? I know... lots of questions. But hey, if you never ask, you never know!! THE THUNDERGOD

  12. i'm running "horrifying overkill" pct -

    formadrol 2/day
    drive 6/day
    Post Cycle Support 4/day
    pSARM 6/day
    IGF-2 9/day

    so I can't really quite say what the formadrol is doing separately. I noticed increased libido a day into taking this, random chubs all the time

  13. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    i'm running "horrifying overkill" pct -

    formadrol 2/day
    drive 6/day
    Post Cycle Support 4/day
    pSARM 6/day
    IGF-2 9/day

    so I can't really quite say what the formadrol is doing separately. I noticed increased libido a day into taking this, random chubs all the time
    I'm guilty of the same thing. I'll try out new things, but in conjunction with other things at the same time. So it is almost impossible to really judge the new product's effectiveness. But I seldom run anything as a standalone! This is not necessarily an "overkill" PCT, so much as it is a "better safe than sorry" PCT!! It looks extremely well-rounded. THE THUNDERGOD

  14. I would have added nettle root if I had any

  15. shoulders

    db press superset with alternating front raises 40x12-10x12, 40x9-7.5x15, 35x14-7.5x16, 35x13-7.5x14, 35x9-7.5x10

    reverse fly superset with coleman lateral raises 15x15-15x13, 15x16-15x10, 15x14-15x11, 15x11-15x9

    and my shoulders are sore as heck. drank a clearshot about 45 min before workout, geez those are nuts. I was all sorts of wound up within minutes of drinking it. I may just use 1/2 next time

  16. LOL you knew the clearshot was supposed to be 2 servings right??

    I love the stuff , when the Arnold comes to town I sit with PA and the guys at Ergo and drink Clear shot for 3 days

  17. yeah, I read the label, didn't realize it was that crazy plenty of other stims I go a good bit higher than normal dosing.

    It was nice other than being overstimmed. I still am more jacked up than usual from stims (2 hrs after taking it)

  18. well, due to time constraints I ended up with no chance to do bis/tris on thurs or fri, so I added bis into chest today. man that sucked

    incline db press superset with incline flys superset with ez curls 40x15-25x15-43x16, 40x17-25x15-43x18, 40x16-25x13-43x20, 40x14-25x13-43x19, 40x12-25x10-43x20

    decline machine press superset with squeeze press superset with alternating zottman curls 50x16-10x15-25x13, 70x11-10x14-25x12, 60x13-10x11-25x9, 60x8-10x9-25x6, 60x9-10x10-25x9

    took close to 90 minutes, i'm beat now

  19. Good workout !! Now you can enjoy your Saturday!! And kiss the baby for me.

  20. back workout

    wide grip pulldowns 180x6, 160x12, 160x14, 160x11, 160x9
    chest supported rows - 60x20, 80x10, 70x14, 70x16, 70x13
    high rows 110x15, 110x13, 110x11, 110x9 and was done

    my armpits hurt between DOMS from yesterday and todays workout

  21. did cardio + abs tuesday nite, and today picked up a new bike, rode briskly for about 2.5 miles

  22. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    did cardio + abs tuesday nite, and today picked up a new bike, rode briskly for about 2.5 miles

  23. Hey Easy. How much longer before you start you Pro-Anabol and BAdAssMass combo? Are you going to be taking some of those cool test-boosting customized capsules you just filled in addition to that ANA/BAM combo? The Trib, Avena sativa, Divanil, and ATD combination caps? I wanna hear your feedback from them as soon as you start taking 'em and seeing the results. I think they were a great idea! THE THUNDERGOD

  24. I dunno when i'm going to start them for sure. PCT is over now, so i'm just doing maintenance supps - drive, neovar, multis, etc. Yesterday I capped up some TTA 250/Salvia M 100/Choline citrate 250 caps, so I started taking those, also high dosing ALCAR (12g/day split in 3 doses) with vitamin c + ALA. Figure i'll do some rapid fat loss for a few weeks at least before I do jump on the pro anabol / bam. saving the test booster caps for a little bit too, but I am using 3 squirts of eform 2x a day figure if I crash estrogen it makes the fat loss easier

  25. Sounds like the cycle went well for you.


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