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  1. Hey bro, Im playing football in college to and am considering this supplemnet but ive been told im too young. What kind of results are you seeing and any side effects so far?

  2. even though not the strongest **** on the market would be good for a 1st time cycle or any athlete. especially if your a big skill or small skill position trying to add some strength, drop some fat and try to stay in the same range your weight is. also the sides are real weak on the back and some really obnoxious dreams, and your **** will become a weapon

    ps how are you squatting 5bills and benching under 3??

  3. Nice lookin log so far my man.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns
  4. thursday day 18

    Day 18

    Session 1 Sprints

    Hill sprints


    Session 2 DE SQ

    Box Squat w/ Saftey squat bar
    393x 55% = 215 8x2

    depth jumps
    12.5in box onto 32in box (80% of 41)

    stone trainer lifts
    4x3 77/110/132/154

    Reverse Hyper
    160x8 - big record

    so today more gains, squats fast, depth jumps fast, reverse hyper still adding more weight.

    also bit the bullet and added 30mg of trenadrol and dropping mmv2 to 4 caps instead of 6, strength gains should get pretty obnoxious

  5. haha dude i have no idea, my sqaut has always been strong and i have real narrow shoulders and long arms. go figure... what level are u playing on? Are you also taking Methyl 1-d? and how are u going to do PCT? and what liver guard are u taking?

  6. div 3... i've added Trenadrol at 30mg n going to go up to 60mg at some point, maybe in a week

    PCT isnt perfect but i cant get nolva/clomid. im going to use AX's advance PCT and dermabolics 7CORT to block cortisol.

    M1D with MMV2 doesnt seem very cost effective. adds up to like 80bucks online. depends what you want to do also ya know?

    liver support, just some milk thistle

    what position do you play

  7. im a tight end and also play d-3. we were 10-1 this year losing only in the playoffs second round. Yeah i dunno ive been considering that whole methyl 1-d, masterdrol stack with formadrol as a PCT.

  8. i dunno now though theres a deal on nutraplanet of hyperdrol mass fx and retain...

  9. depends. what do you wanna do, get stronger or put on mass and get stronger
  10. Day 20

    Day 20 of mmv2
    day 3 of Trenadrol


    Max Effort Bench

    Floor Press
    295x1 -20lb record from last week


    DB Rows

    DB Cleans


    1arm DB over head

    so last weeks record on floor presses i was at 275 and 295x4 on declines, oh my.
  11. day 21 and 22

    Day 21 Sunday
    day 4 trenadrol

    Weigh in - 219

    Day 22 Monday day
    day 5 trenadrol

    Session 1 Sprints
    high knees -15yards x 2
    power skips-15yrds x 2
    bounds 15x2
    10yrds x 5 - record of 1.71
    20yrdsx 5
    40yrds x4
    I hate sprints, my form is a goddamn mess

    Session 2 Max Effort Lower

    Box Squats with light bands
    band tension for light bands is 70-80lbs

    Front Squats


    Glute Ham Raise

    1x10 w mini band
    2x8 with mini band and 10lb plate


    feeling really strong. actually have to take a 1rm max on the bench in one of my classes wednesday so we'll see how that goes 315 should go for me
  12. Day 23

    Tuesday day 23
    day 6 trenadrol

    Tempo Sprints
    100yrds x 10
    50yrds x2
  13. day 24

    Wednesday day 24
    day 7 trenadrol


    315x1 Record

    shoulder press



    today 315 was a joke, heavy but went up with speed, 275x6 was real easy too left some in the tank on both set

    setting a goal for 335 at the end of this

  14. what is the half life of mmv2 by chance????:clean:

  15. Quote Originally Posted by bigcountry19 View Post
    what is the half life of mmv2 by chance????:clean:
    Its hard to say and we havnt tested for its half life yet. Just eveny spread ur doses thru the day or you can take a majority of them before your workout and ull be all set!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  16. k thanks for the quick response
  17. Day 27

    Saturday Day 27
    Trenadrol Day 10

    Max Effort Bench

    1 Board Bench
    315x1 Record
    335x1 Record
    345x1 Record
    355x1 Record

    old PR was 309...46lb Record haaa

    close grip bench


    DB Row


    ABS 5x10

    Strength needless to say, is through the roof gonna stay at 30mg of Trenadrol as long as I can because its yeilding awesome gains so 4get bumping up, i cant beleive some ppl take 120mg of this sh*t
  18. Day 28

    Sunday Day 28
    Trenadrol Day 11

    Weigh IN 221lbs

  19. bro do u hangclean or powerclean at all?

  20. right now i dont use it but i have in the past, got 250 with good form nothing to brag about. what do you do for sprint work, I'm completely fed up with getting my times down

  21. look up bill romanowski on in their articles. it gives his full workout and sprint routine. I used a variation of it. i sprint 3 times a week 10-20 yard sprints and ladders on my explosive days (box jumps, front sqauts, cleans) and 40-60 yard sprints and ladders on my upper body workout days (chest/shoulders, back, bicep) The only thing that helped my 40 was actually squatting. All i did last year was squat and run distance 1- 2 miles (distance for football) My mile time is gonna break 6 soon enough and my forty was 4.7 when last timed.

  22. i see your bench is going up like crazy, but what about your sqaut? how you doing with that?

  23. well last time i got a box squat in it was 393 1st week of this cycle, last week I hit 350 with a Light bands attached adding like 70lbs of tension, im probably going to hit it without the bands on today. check back later. my real squat was 425, gonna test that b4 spring camp

    I ordered the Parasi Speed dvd the other day but i'll check out what you said too

  24. when do u guys have spring camp? we start next Monday at 6am and im fine from surgery and gonna be ready. I play in PA for Muhlenberg (10-1) where are you at?

  25. april 5th. Becker College in Mass. we are a mess we had the 17th passing offense in the nation, and we're 2-7. this is our 4th season so this will be our 1st season having a senior


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