Levithian Reloaded/Drive/RPM Stack

  1. Levithian Reloaded/Drive/RPM Stack

    What up fellas... im about to throw some Levithian Reloaded into my current RPM/Drive stack and i am looking for dosing suggestions from anyone who has taken these supplements...i am currently popping 4 drive in the morning and 3 mid-afternoon and 4 rpm about 45mins pre-workout....any suggestions on how to incorporate the LR would be appreciated... current stats are 25 yr old, 5ft 6in hovering around 240- 245 lbs, around 15% bf, been training religiously since i was 13.... fire away fellas....


  2. Whats up guys, i'm a new member to this site, lots of good info and well educated members according to logs. I have a question about the leviathan product. I just received my bottle of this product and I am wondering, will I have any complications taking this product while on BP medication?? I spoke to my doc who is unfamiliar with ingredients in most supps anyway....any info will be helpful...thanks!

  3. And your asking this in another guys thread because??

    Iron, what I would probably do is try working it in.. try 2 leviathon 2 RPM see how that works, maybe add more LR or more RPM whichever you prefer, depends on yours goals. But do one in the morning, the other before your workout.

  4. sorry about that and I apologize to Iron4life for cutting in on his thread...like I said, I'm a new guy. Sorry fellas.



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