Summer Prep with IGF-2, Anabolic Pump, RPM and Extras

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  1. USP Labs Anabolic Pump

    -Although I ran this bottle of Anabolic Pump along side IGF-2 I have been using AP for quite some time (have used two bottles previously in the past.) So this review is my overall feelings toward the product from the sum of my experience with it and not just this particular log.

    -Also since I have run it before I can easily distinguish what I felt this go around when it was with IGF-2.

    Past Experiences.
    Well over a year ago I was sidelined from all lifting due to injury and was contained to doing only cardio on an elliptical machine for a little over 5 months. I had just gotten up to 225 with a little bit to much fat and was getting ready to cut down when I was sidelined. Now over the next few months this is what I achieved with just AP and light cardio.

    -Lost close to 20 lbs of fat (was at about 193-195 when I started back up.)
    -When I came back to the gym in early October within 1 week my strength was at pre injury levels (which means I had lost 0 lbm despite being unable to lift.)
    -Throughout my injury I was subjected to constantly worrying about eating carbs and instead could utilize them to preserve muscle while stripping off fat (not only was physically rewarding but mentally as well.)
    -When I got back into the gym in October I was able to start up AP with a solid nutritional and training regime and my muscle mass and strength went through the roof (I would have logged this but was unable to at them time.)
    -I got back up to 220 in 4.5 months at 4-4.5% less body fat than pre-injury! **Note 1 bottle of USP Labs Powerful was run with the AP.**

    Body Changes *this Bottle* with IGF-2 (Initial ---> 3 weeks after)

    Weight : 220 -----> 200.2 (-19.8 *Water and Glycogen loss attributes to this as well.)
    Body Fat %: 14%---->12% (-2%) *this is done by my idea of bf. Judge from pictures for personal thoughts.
    Waist just below navel: 38in ---> 36.5 in (-1.5 in)
    Arms: R:15.5 L:15.5 ----> R:15.25 (-.25) L:15 (-.5)
    Calves: R:15 L:15 ---> R:14.875(-.125) L: 14.5 (-.5)

    -Individually I don't find Anabolic Pump to increase strength but endurance is ten fold better. With the amount of carbs I am able to put down and therefore the amount of glycogen stored in my muscles I blow through sets at the gym.

    -Aerobically AP is a godsend as well. During my bulk prior to cutting I would take AP with some oats and a banana prior to running 6 miles (this was twice a week) and it was a breeze.

    Diet/Carbs/Fat Loss:
    -Anabolic Pump is a supplement of many uses. I have used AP to cut weight, maintain weight, and loose weight.

    -Aside form the success I have had with AP during LBM gaining phases, AP is truly irreplaceable when trying to loose BF while maintaining LBM. I consider myself a endo/meso (leaning a bit more towards endo) and for me to be able to put down 230 grams of carbs a day while loosing significant body fat is remarkable. Keeping carbs high for me = lbm retention, and when fat loss is added I am truley stunned.

    -I am currently using AP on carb ups during the CKD portion of my cut.

    Overall Subjective Feelings
    -Recovery while on AP is incredible. Like stated before a product that has the ability to saturate muscles with glycogen has allowed me to burst through sets and keep a steady schedule/pace even on when I am consistently pushing past PRs with weight and reps.

    -Pumps and vascularity are not what you will experience with a NO product. Full, pumped, engorged muscles is the only way to describe what I feel like in the gym training. Not only does this provide a mental boost and great feeling but it is creating an environment PRIMED for anabolism.

    -Something I didn't expect from AP was its ability to aid in aerobic exercise. During my bulk I was running 6 miles twice a week. Not only did 6 miles feel like a breeze, but my gains were never hindered what so ever. AP and carbs before meant my cardiovascular system was getting worked out and kept healthy with no ill effects in gaining muscle.

    Overall Ratings:
    Strength: 7/10 (solo don't notice much. Coupled with IGF-2 or PoweFULL and strength sky rockets.)
    Muscle Growth/Retnetion: 10/10 (result speak for themselves)
    Fat Loss: 10/10 (If I'm cutting and carbs are in my diet, so will AP)
    Endurance/Recovery 10/10 (both aerobically and anaerobically endurance was greatly increased)
    Pumps/Vascularity: 9.75/10 (unless I lift I don't notice much of a pump, but as I get to lower bf I have a feeling this will change and make it a 10.)
    Product as a whole: 9.35/10

    I can honestly say the Anabolic Pump will remain in my supplement collection for the rest of my days. Every stack I have will not be complete with out its effects. Protein Powder, BCAAs, EFAs, and AP are now my staples.

    Recent Cut Results (Carbs were around 220-240 grams per day as well)


  2. oo la la IGF-2
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  3. RPM update tommorow

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    oo la la IGF-2
    damn straight

  5. Instead of logging daily results of RPM I am just going to finish them off than offer up a full detailed review. Thanks again for allt he help guys, and hope some people got some solid info on the products.

    Also keep an eye out for a ReCreate stack log I plan on doing (with RPM and other goodies baby!)

    Sam ~ I'll also keep ya update on the Dwight quest when I get the other log up.



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