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  1. Talking PI's MassFX Extreme Log...

    I want to begin by thanking thesinner and the guys over at AX for giving me the opportunity to give MassFX a go. I was a huge fan of the original formula (there's a log somewhere on AM) and I am excited to give this a go.

    A lot of you guys know me from the past, and probably a lot don't..but I'm not one to bull**** when it comes to these logs. I like what I like and I don't like what I don't like.

    Let's get down to the business at hand.

    195lbs (will get accurate update tomorrow morning)
    My bodytype is the one that gains muscle easily and doesn't hold much fat (meso?)

    Pics will be up tomorrow morning.

    I've taken a new approach to life and training over the few months I've been away.

    I train 3-5 times a week in the gym. I workout full body since my workouts might be sporadic. But I get a lot of ancillary exercise in.

    I run a few miles almost every off day, switching off between long, easy, tempo and hill runs. When the weather warms up I'll be back out on some back wood mountain bike courses but that probably won't encompass this log.

    In the gym it's 2 Chest exercises, 1 Back, 1 Delt, 1 Trap, 1 Bi, 1 Tri, 1 Leg exercise. I superset in a lot of ab work. I change up exercises very often. I usually like to focus random days on certain body parts and I will throw in an extra lift or two for that part.

    Warm-ups, streching, Cool-downs, more stretching and huge parts of my routine.

    SuperCissus, Fish Oil, Multi, Glucosamine

    Nothing concrete anymore. I eat healthy. Whole food mostly. Low fat, moderate carbs, high protein. I can go into more detail if you guys feel it is needed.

    I'll be taking 4 caps per day for 30 days (starting tomorrow morning). I will be taking them 3 times per day. The double dose will be in the morning on non-gym days and will be pre workout on gym days.

    New StimX:
    AX was kind enough to put a few capsules of one reformulation of StimX in my package. I will keep a small review of this as well. I'll be starting with one capsule tomorrow morning.

    This log will follow my lifts as well as my overall impressions of the product

    My goals here is to basically get a little stronger...maybe put a pound or two of muscle on.

    Sound good to you guys? Anybody in?

  2. im in.

    how have you been? are you taking a less bulky approach now? I have been contemplating the same as i think getting much bigger will just end up being an expensive hassle not really paying off. I think my ego can be satisfied if im in excellent condition and lower bf%. My foundation is for my own self improvement and satisfaction of bodybuilding but i do somewhat let females' opinion carry weight....and at 225 that's usually alot for most women. Maybe im getting a little too bulky so most likely after this cycle im going to be straight up recomp all the way.

  3. You got it man. I'm more athletic, functional and asthetic now.

    Believe me, it pays off in just about every way.

  4. nice to have you back

  5. good luck man i'm interested in the new mass fx. i'm kinda scared because this came out right after i had thought about a bulking stack of the the original mass fx, bulk forslean, and bulk ecdy.....but this tops that lol
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  6. in like flynn......

  7. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    You got it man. I'm more athletic, functional and asthetic now.

    Believe me, it pays off in just about every way.
    I'm in the same boat as yo ubro! Done are my days of trying to get huge and stuff. I want to feel healthy, agile/nimble, and atheletic again. I am going to get back to the condition I was in back in October, and maintain that. I was a lot lighter, but looked good, and felt great! Being able to run and play sports with out being out of breath huffin and puffing, is a great feeling!

  8. Definitely in.

    This is gonna be sweet!

  9. Hey muffin.

    Looks pretty cool, will be interested to check out the new Mass FX. I know you will do a honest log, so I will be following.

    You hear the "Legit" news?

  10. in bruv

  11. im in!!!! didnt you have a injury awhile back??

  12. count me in..i wanna see how this compares to diesel test hardcore

  13. Welcome back Iron, glad you figured everything out and found an approach you like. Definitely going to follow this log as Mass FX seems very intriguing. Best of Luck man

  14. My apologies fellas...had a funeral and some family issues today. I'll get this started tomorrow...

  15. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    My apologies fellas...had a funeral and some family issues today. I'll get this started tomorrow...
    Sorry to hear that bro!! My condolences.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by swole210 View Post
    Sorry to hear that bro!! My condolences.
    Same here.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  17. along for the ride

  18. sorry to hear D,

  19. sub'd kick some butt!

  20. Intense weekend...sorry guys. I started with MassFX yesterday, and off day.

    I have some pics but am having trouble getting them from the camera to the computer. I should have it figured out soon. So I'll just have some post dated pics up...

    Either way, nothing to report.

  21. I'm here....finally...way to tell me you started the log a week ago
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  22. looks like we got the same stats i just started a stack with massfx its in the supp log forum

  23. Why do you always have to be like me little buddy? Taking breaks, blah blah blah, going athletic/aesthetic, blah blah blah.

    tsk tsk.. Do you!

    seriously though, my condolences to you and the fam. Drop a homie an email some time.

  24. Any updates? It's been almost four weeks.

  25. I sent him a few PM's over the past few weeks. He hasn't been online since the 20th. I hope everything is alright.
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