x-factor 1250mg/levithan reloaded recomp with some twists!

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  1. today was abs and cardio, a bunch of decline crunches + side bends, then 20 minutes each of HIIT on elliptical then bike

  2. this crap doesn't get any easier as you go along. having a hard time typing, my hands are jittery post workout was 186 on the scale today, decided to do an evening workout. pretty successful, other than me not being sure i'll be able to sleep

    squats 120x20
    leg extensions 70x20
    wide grip pulldowns 140x20
    db rows 41x20
    decline bb press 70x20
    db flies 10x20
    seated military 35x20
    bent over lateral db extensions 10x20
    reverse ez curls 43x18
    standing triceps ext 43x19

    and man do I feel ready to puke. other than the 4 minute rest after squats, i only had breaks long enough to change plates between sets. But i'll take tomorrow + sat off, so that will be nice. probably do cardio saturday.

  3. thats right easy!!! No pain no gain!!!

    Thats pretty killer that your down to 186 now! How are you feeling strength wise? I know youve been changing up your routine but so you may not have exact numbers to make a comparison but how is your generall feeling at the time? Usually maintainance of strength is a good indicator of retaining LBM while dropping weight..... also have you calipered recently?

  4. the calipers are hard, cause most of my fat is around the abdominals, and thats really the only place I can accurately caliper myself. at that point, it reads 16%, but i'm leaner elsewhere. I think i'm right around 15ish, the vein on the top of the bi isn't completely standing up without a pump, but its raised so its partially visible all the time now. I'd really say i'm gaining strength still. the highest i've done for 20 on db rows was 40, and I struggled more to hit 20 a month ago doing them than I did this time.

    my waist has continued to drop, i'm moving into size 30 pants, or right about to. 32s now fit the way 34s did a month ago I can tell where on both sides the top 2 abs will be, theres just a little indent where there bottoms are, enough to be sure. I figure another 8-10lbs, and when I get back to eating normally 3 will immediately come back on from glycogen + just intestinal as right now i'm doing such low cals and almost all protein.

  5. thats great easy, again Im happy your havin such great results, def shows all the hard work you put in.

  6. the megarecomp is now continuing in a new thread.....


  7. Heres ending stats!

    Weight 203 - 186 -17
    Chest 42 42 0
    Shoulders 50 48 -2? (my wife measured start, and I self measured end, so tht might be a factor)
    L Bicep 15 14 3/4 -1/4
    R Bicep 14.5 14 -1/2
    L forearm 11.5 11.75 +.25
    R forearm 12 11.75 -.25
    L calf 15 15.25 +.25
    R calf 15.5 15.25 -.25

    waist where I wear pants - 36 35.75 -.25
    @ belly button 37.75 35.75 -2

    bodyfat estimate 15


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