Pmiller's R4W v2 Review (Sponsored)

  1. Pmiller's R4W v2 Review (Sponsored)

    Pmiller's R4W 100 Cap Formula Review
    Are You Diesel?

    SUPPLEMENT FACTS: 5 capsules
    Servings per container: 20

    Natural Caffeine (from Green Tea) 300mg
    Pregnenolone 45mg

    Proprietary Blend: 2378mg
    Green Tea, Sulbutiamine (B-1 Analog), Panax Ginseng, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Choline Bitartrate, Epimedium Sagitattum, Rhodiola Rosea, Polygonum Cuspidatum (min. 20% Resveratrol), Cnidium Monnieri, Gynostemma, Yohimbe, Cordyceps, LJ100 (Eurycoma Longifolia), Vinpocetine, Bioperine

    Training Intensity. Is that what you look for in a pre-workout energizer? What about motivation and drive to get you in the gym when you just "don'tfeel like it?" Do you want better mental focus to train "dialed in" and focused on your workout versus focused on the millions of other things that maybe going on in your head when you usually workout?

    Ready4War = The Solution!
    The Alpha and Omega in your quest to find the Ultimate pre-workout energizer.

    With Ready4War you get clear, dialed in mental focus and training intensity every single workout!

    None of that "hits hard the first few time you use it then no results after the first week" crap. Ready4War provides a potent combination of nootropics and energy enhancers delivering high, sustained energy with no crash. You also get ingredients/adaptogens not seen in other pre-workout stimulant products that truly increase endurance such as Cordyceps, Rhodiola and Panax Ginseng. With Ready4War you also get intangibles. Those things that make the product a step above everything else. Extras that you didn't necessarily ask for but you welcome with open arms. Those effects that push Ready4War past the competition.

    Ready4War Benefits:

    1) Nitric Oxide enhancement. Ready4War contains powerful Nitric Oxide enhancers and antioxidants to increase NO production amplifying the results from any Nitric Oxide product you use with Ready4War.

    2) Thermogenic enhancement. Several of the best "powerful stimulant" pre-workout energizers provide very little thermogenic effects. Ready4War increases thermogenic activity to a degree not see with other high powered pre-workout energizers and you will see and feel the difference. Many Ready4War users are amazed at how much Ready4War increases their thermogenic (fat burning) activity during their workout and post workout for hours after you leave they leave the gym.

    3) Libido (Sex Drive) enhancement. Many Ready4War customers comment on the huge boost in libido they get in the first three hours of taking a dose of Ready4War and how long it last after their workout. With Ready4War not only will your workouts/training sessions be at another level, your "bedroom (or wherever you decide to get down) workouts" will be at another level also!

    4) Testosterone enhancement. Used standalone or with DIESEL TEST Hardcore or with any other test booster, Ready4War will help to increase natural testosterone production. Not only do you get an excellent energy, endurance, training intensity enhancer, you also get a boost in natural test production helping overall muscle-to-fat ratio, mood, energy and many other benefits from having normal to elevated natural testosterone production
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  2. Background

    Stimulant Experience
    I have tried many of the popular pre-workout stimulants/NO2 including, but not limited too:
    Biotest Spike
    R4W v1 capsules
    I have a developed a tolerance for stimulants, but still get good results from them. As for NO products I am usually let down by most of them and have yet to find one that consistently works.
    I will dose this product over the next five days, with the following routine planned out. I will start the dosing one hour before my workout and about 2 hours after eating. I will make adjustments if needed.
    Day 1- 4 caps Light Cardio, Abs, Forearms, Foam Roller
    Day 2,3,4- 5 caps Intense Free Weights Very Light cooldown
    Day 5- 5 caps HIIT Plyometrics

    Time To Get Diesel
    Thanks To Chuck Diesel and Get Diesel's R4W

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  3. Thumbs up Day 1

    Day 1
    Onset Time Started to feel effects within 40 minutes of dosing, seemed to peek around 1:30 hours after dosing. Effects began to subside about 2:45 after dose. No crash, effects are wearing away very subtly.

    Effects ( 10 being most noticable and 1 being nothing at all)
    Thermogenic - 6
    Slight rise in body temperature, not feverish what so ever. Broke a little sweat from my warm-up walking, which is unusual for me.
    Focus - 8
    Noticed mental clarity before any other effects, it also seemed to last the longest of any of the effects. I noticed an increased mind muscle connection and even my speech seemed to better a little more clear. Very focused on my task but was also very aware of my surroundings. This was the most impressive aspect of my first dosing.
    Mood - 7
    Had a sense of well being and was not anxious or aggressive. I find with other stimulants I sometimes either feel angry or goofy. This was a nice confident and relaxed feeling, I was just very focused and nothing bothered me like most of the people in my gym usually do.
    Strength - N/A
    Although I did do abdominal and grip work, I can not fairly give a representation of how strength was affected today because it was more of an endurance workout.
    Endurance - 6
    I was able to increase my time under tension for all exercises today, and had cardio did not drain me at all. I noticed I did not have to catch my breath at all today, it was like I was utilizing my breathing more efficiently.
    Pump - 5
    Noticed a very nice pump during my grip work, but I do not want to comment more on this aspect until I get a better feel for the product.

    Today's experience can best be described as a sophisticated energy. I was very focused and had great endurance, but did not get jittery or anxious. I also noticed that my pulse was not affected by the product I took it at four different points; before dosing, 30 minutes after dosing, prior to cardio, and 30 minutes after workout. Every time my pulse was in the mid to upper 60's with the exception of the pre cardio check when it was 78 bpm. Sometimes with stimulants I get the feeling like my heart is going to jump out of my chest, but not with this.
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  4. Day 2

    Day 2
    Onset Time Started to feel effects within 45 minutes of dosing, seemed to peek around 1:15 hours after dosing. Effects began to subside about 2:30 after dose. No crash yet again.

    Effects ( 10 being most noticable and 1 being nothing at all)
    Thermogenic - 8
    Big difference between four and five caps here. Body temp increased greatly, again not feverish but my midsection was very warm.
    Focus - 9
    Strongest affect again. I had great concentration and mind muscle connection. Felt like I was "in the zone" and on top of my game.
    Mood - 7
    Good confidence and sense of well being today. Not much different than with 4 caps, I was almost to focused on my workout to really even gauge my mood.
    Strength - 7
    Not much of an increase in maximal strength, but more of a higher intensity through out the workout. Needed less recovery time in between sets and exercise to achieve my optimal strength for each set.
    Endurance - 7
    Did not get tired through out my workout at all. Caught my breath very fast after sets and was able to cut down recovery time. If my workout was planned out I easily could have spent another 30-45 minutes in the gym.
    Pump - 6
    Good pump in later exercises. Dissipated a couple minutes after lifting though. I imagine this would stack nicely with some NO2 products because the stand alone pump was decent, and this really isn't meant to be a pump product.

    I noticed my ears turned a little red and got warm about 40 minutes after dosing, this went away in under five minutes. It wasn't uncomfortable or painful, just noticable.
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  5. Day 3

    Day 3
    Onset Time Effects were noticed a little sooner today, about 30 minutes I started to feel the focus, and within 45 I was full of energy. Peaked after 60 minutes and the peaked lasted for about 40-50 minutes. Energy effects slowing going away, but mental effects are still prominent two hours later.

    Effects ( 10 being most noticable and 1 being nothing at all)
    Thermogenic - 7
    Increased perspiration, but not overly hot. Had to remove sweatshirt while lifting. Undershirt was pretty bad by the end of my workout.
    Focus - 9
    Seemed like I had an increase in my coordination today. Every lift was going very smooth. Also seemed like my aim was above average today, nothing official just noticed I was throwing snowballs after my workout and they were on target each time.
    Mood - 8
    Felt like a million bucks before I started lifting. Once lifting I was not really thinking about how I felt but I did notice the overall Good feeling when I left the gym.
    Strength - 9
    Upped my numbers on my primary lift, and was able to maintain intensity throughout sets. Not saying the upping of the weight was a direct result of R4W but the intensity is.
    Endurance - 7
    Again breathing was great, and time between sets was low, 45-60 secs at about 85% of my 1rm for sets of 4. Also felt like doing cardio after my lifting instead of feeling like I needed to.
    Pump - 5
    Little pump towards the end of my workout, just a little above average. Did feel a little more full in the hour or so after workout, but may just be coincidence.

    Seems as though my hearing was a little sensitive to loud noises today. Don't know if this has anything to do with R4W but just thought I would not it, I mean I had to turn my Ipod down and a quarter of the way from where I usually have it. Vision also seemed a little more clear, kind of like an overall heightening of my senses. Had that feeling like you do when you are in a fight or flight situation.
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  6. Day 4

    Day 4
    Onset Time Noticed effects in about 40 minutes today, with it hitting full throttle within 1:00. Subsided after 2 hours, no crash and still warm about 3 hours later.

    Effects ( 10 being most noticable and 1 being nothing at all)
    Thermogenic - 9
    Got really warm body temperature today, I like it though because my head did not get uncomfortably hot like it does with some thermogenics. Strongest effect today.
    Focus - 7
    Not as intense as previous dosing, but still focused. I was pretty out of it before dosing today and this really helped clear my mind. Still nice just a little toned down.
    Mood - 7
    The sense of well being was there again today, I noticed that it is very hard to get mad after dosing. I mean I literally did about ten stupid things that normally would me make really mad, but i just kind of laughed them off.
    Strength - 8
    Felt really solid under the weight today. My last set of my primary lift I actually cranked out two more reps that my first set! Noticed less fatigue in my grip while doing pull ups also.
    Endurance - 6
    My muscle made me stop my workout today, I had energy and wanted to keep going, but my legs were just to wore out to do cardio due to an extremely taxing lifting session.
    Pump - 6
    Got a decent pump today, but I noticed my arms are feeling really full and solid from yesterday's workout. This may have a nice cumulative effect like that.

    Nothing really out of the ordinary to comment outside of what I already listed above.
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  7. Day 5

    Day 5
    Onset TimeNoticed affects after 40 minutes today, full on by 1:10 minutes started subsiding after 2:30. Yet again No Crash!

    Effects ( 10 being most noticable and 1 being nothing at all)
    Thermogenic - 7
    Body temperature went up pretty good today, mostly in lower body though. Stayed elevated for about 3 hours
    Focus - 8
    Focus was very strong, but it lasted longer than any of the other affects today. Really cleared my mind up before my session today.
    Mood - 5
    Mood was pretty stable to begin with, just got that sense of well being today.
    Strength - NA
    Cardio/endurance workout today.
    Endurance - 8
    I felt like I did not do nearly enough cardio today because I had the same amount of energy after my session that I had before my session. I actually extended my session with 5 additional sprints and two extra sets of core work!
    Pump - NA
    Just sprinting and core work today.

    I could not keep my eyes open to save my life today before dosing the R4W, but about 40 minutes after dosing I was wide awake and felt like i took a nap or something. Still have steady energy now, 6 hours later.
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  8. Final Review


    Well after five days I of using Get Diesels R4W 100 Capsule formula, I think I have a good understanding of the product.

    -Focus was outstanding after dosing
    -Non Jittery, smooth energy with no crash
    -Decent thermogenic
    -Noticeable endurance and strength boost
    -Elevated mood and sense of well being

    -Five Pills to swallow, may be a problem for some but I did not find it bad.
    -Pumps were decent at best, do not expect a huge swole feeling , but you can expect increased fullness.
    -Mild apatite suppression, may be a problem for people that already do not eat enough, but is probably a good thing for most.

    My Recommendation

    Personally I really enjoyed the product. Most of the cons that I came up with are just things I could think might be a problem for some people, but I personally enjoyed all the different aspects of the product. I found the pills convenient compared to a powder just because they were easier to take to work, school etc. I did notice the product to work better at 5 pills compared to 4, and I wouldn't recommend shorting yourself to try to stretch the bottle. The people that I think would benefit most from this product are the people that are extremely busy and have a lot going on. I found the product was easy to consume, cleared my mind of all other problems, woke me right up when I was feeling tired, and gave me sustained energy with no crash so I was able to function after the product wore off. If your looking for a pre-workout product that will enhance your senses and give you energy, but not get you jittery or overstimulated I believe this product would be very beneficial to you.

    Final Thoughts
    I just want to thank Chuck and Get Diesel for letting me test this product for them. I enjoyed the product and found it to be very high quality. So in conclusion if you are considering getting a pre-workout product, support Chuck and consider R4W.

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  9. nice set up, and i love the reserved post so that its all up top, reps. Versus each update in the middle of 5 pages of a bunch of post of people talking about the super bowl or stuff like that.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Diesel View Post
    nice set up, and i love the reserved post so that its all up top, reps. Versus each update in the middle of 5 pages of a bunch of post of people talking about the super bowl or stuff like that.
    I agree. If I ever log a product, this would be a great idea. Much less distractions/usuless conversation.

    Good luck!

  11. Alright Guys, If you have any questions please feel free to ask away.
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  12. Nice review man!


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