I'm on the Rag and it Roks!

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    Only thing they should change in the future is to add more citulline Malate and more beta alanine and it would def be a THE #1 all in one product
    Do you want the price to double? We thought about it but decided to make the endurance product instead.

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    Do you want the price to double? We thought about it but decided to make the endurance product instead.
    lol this so called endurance product better be good!

  3. Im sorry everyone. This last couple days Ive been feeling weird and last night I really came down with a serious sick spell. Ill spare everyone the details.

    Im taking a week off from training, all supplements, work today and maybe all week, if Im still not feeling optimal. Im not eating. just sipping ginger ale.

    Learn from me---too much overtraining DC is an intense program, along with working outside in the cold, or it could have been a girl that I got an hour long deep tissue massage from, some one sick,-I think its a combination of all these factors, that my immune system was wore down. Im looking for another job.

    It sucks I have to take a week off from training its better than driving myself farther into the ground. I'll be back to update this log when I get to training again. Sorry about this again
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  4. Get well Smeton! Hopefully it was just the deep tissue massage (which my money is on) and you'll be good as new after you get the toxins flushed out of your system.

    Worst case scenerio it's like the nasty cold that I had and your screwed for at least a week.

    Take care of your self brother! We'll see you when you get back.


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