Leviathan Reloaded: UNC's road to abs again!

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  1. Yeah - flying is not so easy with 3 kids...

  2. Never enough
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    considering that one will be 4 months old at that point, I don't want to subject others to it
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by UNCfan1 View Post
    Yeah its been anywhere from 75-81 degrees here. Crazy man its freaking dec and its spring weather. This weekend its going to drop though so its time to up the vitamins, 29 for the low sunday I think.
    DAMN YOU GUYS!!! We just got a foot of snow last night...so jealous right now.

    Log is lookin good UNC! Your BB Rows are insane!

  4. UNC you da man..haha..good job bro...looking lean too.


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