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  1. What is the amount of AA per egg ?

  2. somewhere between 60mg + 75mg. but still a little iffy as to how much survives cooking by which method. in theory hard boiled saves the most.

  3. and all that AA is in the yolk right ?

  4. yeah. in theory hard boiled boiled has least losses, scrambled most as part of the loss is due to oxidation at temp

  5. dang DOMs! I'm sore from about midway up my forearms straight thru to across my back + shoulders + chest, down to a little below the pecs on the lats. hurts like heck to flex lats

  6. 196 Awsome buddy!!
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  7. was 198 this morning, but feeling bloated so no biggie. went to the gym and did cardio, just 20 minutes at moderate intensity on the bike. I need to get back to doing it regularly

  8. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    was 198 this morning, but feeling bloated so no biggie. went to the gym and did cardio, just 20 minutes at moderate intensity on the bike. I need to get back to doing it regularly
    glad your numbers continue to drop slowly, and stay there

  9. Day 40 of xfactor, 10 days to go
    scale says 197, felt a little bloated. had pot roast for dinner last nite a little late, so not a huge surprise, had a lot of veggies with it too

    Behind the neck press (free weights, barbell) 80x8 80x6 80x6 I think i'm ready for 90 next time!

    Standing upright rows (free weights, EZ-barbell) Christ I need to review my log before I go to the gym. I went with what I remembered, which was retarded 75x9, 75x6 (last week was 55x12 55x8 )
    Front overhead press (machine) 90x16, I was totally ragged out by this point

    Lying triceps press (free weights, EZ-barbell) 75x7 75x6 75x4
    Overhead triceps press (free weights, EZ-barbell) 65x10, 65x6
    Triceps pushdown (machine, cable) 110x20

    So basically all weights or reps up! very nice, I'm pumped + hurting and could use a nap

  10. Shoulda mentioned, already out of drive (at 6 a day for the first 10 days, then 5 a day after doesn't last too long) and would have been out of superdrol NG already too, but I made a trade with someone and a part of it was an unfinished bottle of superdrol ng. so I have a few days left of that still. 10 days left of xfactor.... and suckage. I have to go to california + washington state next week, leaving sunday nite and returning on a redeye thurs nite to arrive fri morning. So Sunday i'm going to do mon + tues workouts, then I guess next saturday to thurs + fris. fun...

  11. day 41

    Front latpulldown 170x6 170x4 160x4 150x4 was very happy to hit 170!
    Seated cable rows (machine, narrow grip) 160x10 160x8 also a new high!
    Dumbbell rows (one arm at a time) 1 set 20 reps 40x14

    12 roman chair crunches, 12 leg raises, 12 weighted bends (35lbs) 12 machine crunches with 90lbs

    Was a nice workout! I was happy to be able to hit 170 for 6 on the pulldowns. Consistent strength climbs are cool as heck!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Consistent strength climbs are cool as heck!

    Oh yeah they are! Keep it up Easy you doing great!

  13. Day 43, goddamn scale says 199....
    relocated monday to today since i'll be travelling

    Chest, biceps
    Bench press bb - decided to get stupid, and well it was. 175x1 165x1 155x1 145x6 145x3 135x5. Once I popped the 175x1 I was dead....
    Incline press bb 115x8, 95x8
    Vertical bench press (machine) 90x8, 80x6 (only pause was to lower weight)

    Barbell curls 95x2 85x4 75x5 75x5
    Dumbbell curls (seated) 25x10, 25x10
    EZ-barbell curls (narrow grip) bar + 20, failure at 19

    Really not too bad. I'm trying to push hard on the first exercise of each group just to make sure i continue to move upwards. the problem is if I go too high there it sort of wrecks the set. Ah well.

  14. Nice numbers easy!!!

    You taking in some salt? That kept three more pounds on me from yesterday to this morning

  15. my eating has been all over the place last nights cheat dinner was at skippers smokehouse a sort of carribean restaurant.


    I had the skippers platter

    Fried Shrimp, Oysters, Gator Tail, Smoked Fish Dip, Calamari & Grouper with steamed veggies + black beans + yellow rice

    So probably yeah a pile of salt. my vascularity was low yesterday so I was thinking i was retaining some extra water. I can tell on my hands, I've got a lot of small veins that come and go easily

  16. I gotta ask... what does gator tail taste like? I was born and raised in the south, but that justs sounds like something waterboy's mom would barbeque

  17. its pretty neutral tastewise, has a consistency somewhere between dark chicken meat and stingray

  18. Day 45, only 5 to go sniff sniff

    Doms are fairly strong least nite and today on chest and front of shoulders. no scale as i'm travelling. today would normally be squats + legpresses, i'm not too likely to be able to do them. I might have an opportunity tonite at the hotel in seattle, we'll see. worst comes to worst I may do bodyweight squats and some other leg exersizes in the room

  19. day 46, still travelling no scale. did not work out yesterday or today, and likely won't be able to tomorrow never ended up with time, running around for work. Friday I will do thurs + fris normal workouts together as my last workout for the log I guess... feeling sore a little still from sunday's workout. I'm excited to do measurements sunday, as it will be interesting to see the changes

  20. Behind the neck press (free weights, barbell) 90x5 85x5 80x5
    Standing upright rows (free weights, EZ-barbell) 75x9 75x7
    Front overhead press (machine) 90x15

    Front latpulldown 170x5 160x5 150x5
    Seated cable rows (machine, narrow grip) 140x11 140x10
    Dumbbell rows (one arm at a time) 40x16

    Lying triceps press (free weights, EZ-barbell) 75x8 85x4 75x4
    Overhead triceps press (free weights, EZ-barbell) 45x10, 45x8
    Triceps pushdown (machine, cable) 110x13

    Probably my last workout on xfactor. Its hard to in some ways pluck out matching exersizes, but for instance at the beginning I was doing 2 sets of 10 with 50lbs for french press as a triceps exersize, and it was the ONLY one. doing the lying presses with 75 is a big difference. I'd guess that I could do as my first set at least 60lbs, if not more. I was doing barbell shoulder presses for 3 sets of 12 with 50lbs, now i'm doing 3 sets of 6 with almost 90 So i've seen some pretty significant strength increases over the span of the log

  21. Day 50, all done

    Scale says 199, last week travelling hurt me. I'm pretty sure i'd be at 196, maybe 195 had I been home the whole week. Measured up today
                   8/26      log start        end
    Chest         43.5          43.5           44.25 +.75
    Shoulders     48.5          49             49
    L Bicep       14.25         15             15
    R Bicep       14            15             15
    L forearm     11            11.25          11.25
    R forearm     11.25         11.5           11.25 -.25
    L calf        15.5          15.5           15     -.5
    R calf        16            16             15.5  -.5
    waist where I wear pants - 
                   37.5          37.5          37 - .5
    belly button
                   40            40            38.75  -1.25
    Weight         200          206            199   -7
    bodyfat         ?              24%         19-20% (estimated, will get retested this week)
    I changed workout routines so I can't match apples to apples on strength, but all major exersizes are definitely up. I included my 8/26 numbers just for reference a weight was almost the same as the end of this log. Calves shrank a bit as I didn't work them at all (was on purpose, trying to get calves and biceps to meet in the middle sizewise) but it was mostly fat as their definition has increased noticeably.

    Was quite successful of a cycle I think. I would have liked to have ended the cycle a few pounds lighter (and bigger measurements ) but 7 lbs lost in 7 weeks with strength gains on non hormonal products sounds pretty good to me!

    X-factor - I definitely noticed the doms towards the latter half of the log. The product seems to meet its claims pretty well. Until I get my bf calipered at the gym again by the same person its hard to make LBM gain claims, but my guesstimate would be that while loosing 7lbs of scale I really lost 9-10lbs of fat and added 2-3 lbs of LBM. I feel harder and denser in the upper boddy. I'm starting to get close to body weight in wide grip lat pulldowns I noticed no significant side effects either. I will quite likely use x-factor again, possibly even during post cycle therapy in late jan/feb. I would go with 3 bottles for 60 days instead next time I think, largely to help with the kick in factor, and to lengthen the "active" time.

    Superdrol NG - I think my yohimbe tolerance built WAY fast, as I stopped noticing the stim effects of 2 caps after not much more than 10 days. I still noticed 3, but even that started to fade after a few days of 3 preworkout. I suppose its like stims in general, ephedra + caffeine effect different people differently. Outside of that part of the effect, its hard to say what role the other ingredients in SDNG played. I do believe that the over 35 crowd can use the DHEA that is in SDNG, and that at 3 caps a day you get 510mg which is plenty. So nice from that perspective. I may or may not use SDNG again. It would make an interesting support supp for use with original superdrol or a clone, as there is belief that DHEA helps with the lethargy.

  22. Great log easy, congrats on your positive results. It was a pleasure following you in your journey

  23. yea man great weight loss and hardening !!!!

    just keep at it dude

  24. Pity, I can't get bodyfat tested till tuesday next week (12/18) but it shouldn't change that much in the 1 week. I'm itching to see that.

  25. Very nice results and a great log.

  26. Thanks easyfor such a nice and detailed log!

  27. Bodyfat update?

  28. Ah the bodyfat update. Well, I was calipered at 23%. The previous measurement by caliper was 24, but that same day I was tested in a bodpod for 27. retrospectively I think the 27 and 23 were both accurate, and the 24 was off. I'm pretty confident I lost 4% bodyfat over the 7 lbs, so all loss was fat, and maybe gained a couple lbs of lean mass.

  29. Well this is great Easy! Good job!


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