Meth DRIVES on the left side of the road

  1. Meth DRIVES on the left side of the road

    This is one of the benefits of living in Australia.

    So the package finally came. I will be doing a log of my Drive experience on here, bb, and my main hang M&M.

    I haven't been reading the other Drive logs as I don't want to get influenced and want to give you a fresh viewpoint. I hope however im not too late, and my puns related to driving aren't all just repeats seen in other logs

    More info to come. Hang on tight!

  2. I'll be watching this one. I'm looking forward to your feedback.

  3. Ok so here is a nice pic of drive and the time. I will find a newspaper to drive later tonight.

    I started on the Drive this morning Thursday 18/10/07. My second dose was about 30 mins ago, and I am really looking forward to moving some iron soon.

    When the concept of Drive came out over a month or so ago I restarted my RPM, and combined it with some forskolin bulk extract I had, and some cordyceps (cordygen5). It was a nice combo though I don't really like stims all to much upon waking.

    Todays first dose of drive gave a more smooth reaction compared to the RPM/forsk/cordy combo. I prefer Drive so far over the combo I played with. Just to let you know I stopped that combo approx 10 days ago, so the Drive could get a fresh me to play with.

    I'm gonna get ready for my weight session, quite damn eager, so I will tell you more about my drive's later.

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  4. i thought real men drove on the right side of the road?

    Good luck.

  5. I'll be following! Have fun!

  6. Subscribed. Good luck. Look forward to seeing this log.

  7. Thanks for the interest guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    i thought real men drove on the right side of the road?

    Good luck.
    real men ride kangaroos! on both sides of the road.

    Ok this pic is for the people who like to keep up to date.Name:  19102007(001).jpg
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  8. So I had my workout last night. It went really nicely, I have had a pretty busy week, underslept, however I noted it seemed easier to workout with less time in between sets.

    • Strength: I wanted a lighter workout last night so didn't try pushing, although things seemed to be easier.

    • Bodyweight/Body Comp: Too early to tell

    • Pumps/Vascularity: Not of note

    • Endurance: This seemed to be the most noticeable thing, I will review this issue later in the log.

    • Aggression: No note of aggression, though the mindset was a good one.
    • Focus: Nothing of note.

    • Libido: Libido was high after working out but it usually is.

    • Muscle Density/Hardening: Nothing of note.

    • Overall Energy: Need to review when I am not so run down from the week.

    • Personal Commentary: It looks promising. I have an idea of why they call it drive in particular and I will talk about that later in the log pending my results. I have an inkling of why this supp is well suited to me. More info to come later.

  9. Bit of a lazy weekend in regards to food and training, however Mondays workout was a cracker.

    • Strength: This is one attribute that I can notice improving with this supp, very nice.

    • Bodyweight/Body Comp: Too early to tell

    • Pumps/Vascularity: A good degree of pump tonight.

    • Endurance: Probably my most significant change is my ability to reduce rest periods. I just wanna get in there and do the reps again.

    • Aggression: Compared to RPM I get less aggressive. I personally like this more.

    • Focus: It's not a focus, more like a greater urge to lift.

    • Libido: Not much to mention of libido.

    • Muscle Density/Hardening: Nothing of note.

    • Overall Energy: Improved, it relates to my interest to get in and lift again with little rest.

    • Personal Commentary: So far I notice the energy, less need of rest, and an increase in strength. I am happy with this product, cant wait to see the future days as some people notice additive benefits over time.

  10. Keep it up our down under brother!!

  11. Thanks mate!

    Ok so today, I have been a bit sore from last nights great workout. My morning Drive, and generally my morning was great, felt quite strong/testosteroney/alpha. I did some cardio tonight, however I didn't really feel like eating prior, and just ran a nice steady pace.

    • Strength: No test of STR today, though I did feel strong as in alpha.

    • Bodyweight/Body Comp: Too early to tell.

    • Pumps/Vascularity: Not a pumpy night.

    • Endurance: Didn't push my cardio, however did feel to be mildly more able to continue, than I would usually.

    • Aggression: Morning felt more agressive.

    • Focus: Morning and afternoon work had some additional focus.

    • Libido: Not much to mention of libido.

    • Muscle Density/Hardening: Nothing of note.

    • Overall Energy: Feeling less drained during the day. And when I got home I felt less used up as well. Good!

    • Personal Commentary: The overall energy seems to be adding/additive effects over time.

  12. Today was a rest day. I needed it and my body did too. I dosed up in the morn and felt a nice glow, the night was similar.

    • Strength: No test of STR today. Though my pen seemed slightly lighter than usual

    • Bodyweight/Body Comp: I am noticing a reduction in fat as well, slight increase in muscle.

    • Pumps/Vascularity: Slight pump.

    • Endurance: My day seemed easier than usual, physically.

    • Aggression: Not of note.

    • Focus: Not of note.

    • Libido: Pickup in libido today, more of a randy day.

    • Muscle Density/Hardening: Slight.

    • Overall Energy: Feeling less drained during the day.

    • Personal Commentary: Seems to be worth it!

  13. my Drive and RPM are in the post. I'm stingin to get into them!

  14. Aussie made you are comin to the party late there, but let me tell you, there are plenty of hot chicks still around. And guess what, they love your accent.

    I remember my first time with RPM, she was quite a knockout.

    Anyway, coming of a rest day I was really looking forward to working out tonight. I was feeling run down from the weekdays, however I got in there. I took it easy. Steady pace. No rush. And at the end of my usual workout I wanted to do more. I did some extra sets. I wanted more though. I got on the bike which I don't usually do on a weight day and I just rode. I was feelin real good.

    • Strength: STR was good. I took it easy but the STR was there.

    • Bodyweight/Body Comp: I am noticing a reduction in fat as well, slight increase in muscle. Fairly damn pumped tonight.

    • Pumps/Vascularity:Pumped and veins are a comin.

    • Endurance: For sure this is the standout attrib with me. I want to do more.

    • Aggression: Not of note.

    • Focus: Not of note. It's not like my mind is focused on doing this or that. I just go through the motions, and I do more. Then I rest, then I feel like doing more.

    • Libido: I got turned on by some seemingly simple vision in the gym. Mmm bike pants, panting and sweating girl.

    • Muscle Density/Hardening: Slight.

    • Overall Energy: Bit cracked out in the morning but that was more due to lack of sleep.

    • Personal Commentary: Kickin!

  15. Last night was I fairly tired but I pushed out a reasonable all body cardio session.

    • Strength: NO test of STR really, but my time on the rowing machine showed some pretty effortless power, harder and faster then I usually go.

    • Bodyweight/Body Comp: Retaining/gaining muscle slightly. However today/last night was on of those break though stagnant fat loss period. I looked leaner this morning and maintain a leaner appearance even after eating.

    • Pumps/Vascularity:I am noticing a more full muscles.

    • Endurance: Last night I did push myself, and the endurance wasn't as effortless as previous days on Drive.

    • Aggression: There was a certain aggression this morning.

    • Focus: Not of note.

    • Libido: Good libido today.

    • Muscle Density/Hardening: Slight.

    • Overall Energy: Good. I wish however I was able to sleep in today more.

    • Personal Commentary: I've been eager to hit the weights all day, even though I plan to do it this evening. I think I noticed my aggression on a day where I am just relaxing at home.

  16. Left side.

    Sex before working out sort of took the edge off the workout. Still I continued.

    Strength: Mild increase but the preworkout sex affected me.

    • Bodyweight/Body Comp: Leaner for sure, a bit of a roadblock has been passed.

    • Pumps/Vascularity: Sometimes there is a sort of constant pump in my biceps.

    • Endurance: Less apparent, but I was buggered because of the day.

    • Aggression: Not of note.

    • Focus: Not of note.

    • Libido: Good libido today.

    • Muscle Density/Hardening: Slight.

    • Overall Energy: Good day up until getting spent.

    • Personal Commentary: Pleased overall. This update is delayed and in my next update some pretty cool endurance effects were noted.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by methodice View Post
    Left side.

    Sex before working out sort of took the edge off the workout. Still I continued.

    Strength: Mild increase but the preworkout sex affected me.

    Right arm strength was down?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Australian made View Post
    Right arm strength was down?
    Wow I set myself up for that one didn't I

    I managed to get a long sleep the night of my sex reduced workout. I planned to do some cardio that day and I sure did that. This was a mid day cardio.

    •Strength: Not tested.

    • Bodyweight/Body Comp: Leaning continuation.

    • Pumps/Vascularity: There was a extended pumped feeling in my biceps.

    • Endurance: Crazy endurance noted on this cardio day. I wanted to do some steady state cardio, but my body wanted to be worked. Sometimes it is just eager for that stimulation saying "work me". I actually stopped, not because I was tired and at the end of my energy, but moreso, just not be go towards the catabolism side of things.

    • Aggression:Slight aggression.

    • Focus: Not of note. My mind doesn't pinpoint, my body just draws me.

    • Libido: No libido noted.

    • Muscle Density/Hardening: Slight.

    • Overall Energy: This day, having finally caught up with some sleep yielded some great energy.

    • Personal Commentary: Endurance and energy effects are the boss!

  19. nice log so far

  20. Quote Originally Posted by dbc5 View Post
    nice log so far
    Thanks mate. I've had fun with my Drive too.

    Had a good sleep, the next day I hit the weights. I was primed for a good one I could tell as I just couldn't weight Anyway I started my usual deal but that was fairly easy, so I just wanted more, and added some jump rope in between weight sets to put some stress/ more stimulation on my body. I was craving the intensity.

    •Strength: Strenght was good, I wanted to blast myself so I was upping the intensity/speed I lifted the weights. Allowed a fairly normal time for eccentrics.

    • Bodyweight/Body Comp: Leaning continuation, some people have noticed.

    • Pumps/Vascularity: Crazy pumps during and after my session.

    • Endurance: Endurance/energy my number one factor improvement with Drive was again showing its lovely head. I jumped rope in between fairly intense sets. I stopped jumping rope in the later sets, but yes the Drive was there just to do more.

    • Aggression:Minimal

    • Focus: Body just draws me.

    • Libido: Libido was medium.

    • Muscle Density/Hardening: Slight.

    • Overall Energy: Good energy throughout the day.

    • Personal Commentary: I like those odds!

  21. Sorry late late on checking in, Meth!
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative
    Better Results Through Science
    Success occurs when everything you have is APPLIED.
    Have you heard about N.O. Uptake? ;-)

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Lanbane View Post
    Sorry late late on checking in, Meth!
    Haha late alright, I was missin ya! Just in time for conclusions!

    Cardio day, pretty busy day in general, rested before I ran. Good recovery from runs walk runs. Wanted to continue moreso than usual. Felt really good after the run, continued energy into the late night.

    •Strength: No test of STR.

    • Bodyweight/Body Comp: Really happy with my ability and Drive for exercise over these trial days. There is a noticeable difference in my leanness.

    • Pumps/Vascularity: Not of note.

    • Endurance: Good endurance ability. Tiring day but happy with outcome of run.

    • Aggression:Minimal

    • Focus: Not of note.

    • Libido: Medium libido.

    • Muscle Density/Hardening: Slight.

    • Overall Energy: Great energy in the morning, things slowed in the middle, 2nd wind early evening/night.

    • Personal Commentary: Coming to end of trial. Summary soon to come.

  23. Ok so I continued with the RPM and tested it more to give a longer term review. This week I was more busy and did less, both weights and cardio. Though similar effects were seen as in my first two weeks. The attributes below are a summary rather than just a daily review.

    •Strength: Strength increased while on RPM however I tended not to overload, but rather do my weight lifting in a more dynamic, faster concentric style. I used to like working out like this and the endurance/recovery effects from RPM allow me to more readily do this faster concentric training.

    • Bodyweight/Body Comp: There has been an overall leaning out using RPM. I was quite happy with the results.

    • Pumps/Vascularity: Some days more so than others. I would have a noticeable pump in my biceps every so often.

    • Endurance: This one was my number one effect with RPM. Great endurance and recovery during weights. Sometimes just to tax myself to an enjoyable level I had to use jump rope in between sets. Endurance was also increased during cardio too.

    • Aggression:Slightly aggressive at some points but overal negligible aggression effects.

    • Focus: TO me there was no mind based focus/resolve per se, rather my body would just pull me to do more, more weights, more cardio.

    • Libido: Up and down, not much to note, it's how I am normally.

    • Muscle Density/Hardening: Yeh a degree of hardening, not a big effect.

    • Overall Energy: Better energy throughout the days and nights. It sort of ties in with better endurance.

    • Personal Commentary: Great naming of the supp.
    I could continue(drive) on while doing my workouts [endurance]
    I was driven to do more, more weights, more cardio.

    Good job AN!
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