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    I ran SDNG solo and was told that i would feel it the first day. Ok so the first day i took 1 cap in the morning before breakfast and by about 10am i noticed that i just felt good not hyper or jittery just felt good. I took the next dose 30min before i went to lift (this was 2caps). i went to the gym 30min later and noticed a little bit of energy but i didn't really notice it until i started lifting, by the time i was done with my first exercise the energy and aggression was real high. i had to use the clock for my rest inbetween sets so i would make sure and rest long enough, cause i was real hyped. It was like this throughout the entire cycle.

    I think this is a very versatile product. It would be great for a beginner but also the experienced PH/gear user would also benefit or "feel" it. It can be used in a cutting cycle or a bulking cycle, although i don't think this product will cause you to gain 10+ lbs it would be a great addition to a stack. (i'm planning a killer stack right now with this involved, when i finalize it i'll post it up).

    I think the shutdown on this product was very minimal if at all, but this assumption is goin off of how i feel and not by blood tests, so don't hold me to this by thinking just cause someone read it in this log that it doesn't cause shutdown. That is my own personal opinion and basing it off of other cycles i have done.



    *Strength increases
    *Libido was high (it took about a week for me to feel this)
    *Mood and sense of well being was great
    *Aggression was very high (in and out of the gym)
    *Gained a total of 3lbs
    *Lost about 1% bf (looked a little bit leaner at the end)
    *Energy was very high throughout the day (no crash or jittery feeling)
    *Crazy pumps (i wasn't taking any NO products)


    *Acne (not much just a little bit on chest and arms)
    *If i took to late in the day i couldn't fall asleep (my fault not the products)
    *Sometimes after the larger dose i had to force myself to eat i just didn't feel hungry

    Just wanted to thank the AX team, Bigsmith, macedaddy for allowing me to test this product out for them, it was fun!
    glad you liked it! you were another one that i was worried about..........hehe........... but, might as well put the product to the test, and you did! Great log, thanks for the feedback!

  2. should a newbie stack?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Hollidae View Post
    should a newbie stack?
    depends, what are you thinking of stacking it with........and do you have any expereince with the other compound?

  4. so 2 boxes of SNng( 8 weeks) and 4 weeks of pct...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Hollidae View Post
    so 2 boxes of SNng( 8 weeks) and 4 weeks of post cycle therapy...

  6. whats the best AX stack for a 1sttimer

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Hollidae View Post
    whats the best AX stack for a 1sttimer
    how about start a new thread instead of hijacking the log?

    will be glad to help you there.

  8. ugot mail

  9. oh look it's trip ...........guess im a bit late to this one
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