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  1. How did the deads go?

  2. No deads for me, short on time and the area for this was occupied by other lifters. Hopefully tomorrow! Thanks for asking Dr.!

  3. Day 24

    Weight: 240lbs

    Dosage: 40mg, 20 Pre, 20 Post

    Workout: Pushing (shoulders, chest, triceps)
    -Took 2 days off from working out and it felt good to be back in the gym. Added another rep to my bench press going 6 reps x 295lbs. To save me from having a sore shoulder, I'm not doing a lot of benching. I did 135 x 15, 185 x 10, 225 x 10 and 295 x 6. Then I move on to Incline Dumbell presses and other chest exercises. I've also had to adjust my grip. My hands are only about the width of my body apart. If I go wider, my left shoulder really hurts.

    -This was my first day at 40mg. Nothing negative to report. I'm feeling stronger and getting bigger in the chest shoulders, but my waist/belly are slightly smaller. Thumbs up thus far!
  4. Day 26

    Weight: 240.5

    Dosage: 40mg (20/20 split)

    Workout: Legs/Back/Biceps

    Thoughts: Good workout, legs are getting stronger. Still struggling with certain lifts that make my right elbow hurt. Noticed a little more lack of patience I guess you could say. Not really aggression, just no patience. Also, my scalp seems to be breaking out a little bit, but not my back, arms or face. Joints a little sore, drying out a bit? The cissus does seem to help.

    Weight is staying steady, maybe a slight leaning effect?

  5. Keep up the good work on the log.

    I am interested in seeing how the side effects are starting to hit you, even though you are on a pulse, it seems like they are coming in about the 4th week, is this correct?

  6. Hello Roadblock-

    If I am starting to get sides, it's happening in week 4, correct. I'm not experiencing any shutdown of Libido, maybe slight backpumps occassionally. My skin is slightly breaking out and at times, I get a little short with my patience, but nothing I can't handle. Now that I'm up to 40mg on workout days, we'll see if it gets worse.

  7. what is a backpump?

  8. painful lower back cramps
  9. Day 28

    Day 27. OFF

    Day 28. 40 mg. 10mg 1st thing in the a.m., 20 pre & 10 post workout.

    Weight: 241.5lbs

    Workout: Good I did chest/shoulders/triceps. Felt full. Did 275x8 reps on the bench. Had hoped to do 9, but it wasn't to be.

    Observations: Weight is slowly creeping up. My diet has been pretty good, but I haven't tracked it like I said I would for about 10 days now. I'm eating normal, not over eating. Veins in arms more noticeable. Skin/scalp seems to have cleared up a bit, mood very good. Libido fine, even had some morning wood.

    4 weeks into this and I'm quite pleased. I'm getting stronger, I've add about 3lbs but my waist & belly are down a little bit, so it appears I'm on track, lose some fat, add some muscle. I have enough pills for 9 doses of 40mg, then I'll taper off. That gives me another 3 weeks of this. I'd like to see me hit 275x10 reps on the bench. We'll see.

    Also, I had my blood pressure checked and it was good, 124/71.
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  10. Nice feedback. Keep up the good thread!

    Much Love,

  11. Day 31

    Day 29: Off
    Day 30: Off
    Day 31: 40 mg, 10 a.m., 20 pre workout & 10 post.

    Weight: 242.5lbs (+4lbs from the start)

    Workout: Back, legs, biceps

    I'm slowly gaining weight. I think my legs are getting a little bigger. Having not really worked them for quite some time due to a bad hip that was repaired in May, I've been slowly working them the past month & a half and I'm regaining a lot of my lost strength there. I'm still fighting "golfers' elbow", so I've adjusted some lifts that seem to use/target my forearms & elbows.

    Observations: I'm sure I've lost a little body fat while adding muscle. Pants still fit fine, arms/chest/shoulders appear "thicker". Joints are alittle sore today after lifting, time to pop some cissus.

    Off day tomorrow but in the gym the following day.

    Also, since it's Friday, I had pizza tonight : izza:
  12. Days 32 & 33

    Day 32: Off
    Day 33: 40mg, 20 pre & 20 post.

    Weight: 246.5lbs

    The weight is somewhat deceiving. I had a couple of beers the previous evening and I always blowup/retain water the next day. This morning (day 34), I'm back down to 242.5lbs.

    Workout: Pushing

    I started on the bench press and after warming up, I really had an uncomfortable pump going. I felt really tight, so I only went up to 225lbs and did as many reps as possible (14). I then moved on to incline db presses. It was a good workout, but all my joints were a little sore/dry.

    Still no noticeable negative side effects to report.

    Today is an off-day, tomorrow, day 35, will be 40mg & pulling/legs.
  13. 30 days of Pulsing, by the numbers

    The numbers are in for my first 30 days of pulsing. I use a website to track measurement and to calculate bodyfat. Here is where I'm at after a month:

    Begin / Current

    238.5 / 242.5 (+4lbs)

    196.16 / 201.63 (+5.47lbs)

    Fat Mass:

    41.84 / 40.87 (-.97 lbs)

    BodyFat %
    17.58 / 16.85 (-4.2%)


    Pretty impressive numbers. I've added 5.5lbs of muscle and dropped almost a pound of fat. I said I was going to cut and I sorta did the first 2 weeks. The past 2-3 weeks, I've just tried to "watch" what I eat and have done a fairly good job. I have enough epithin-e for another 4 weeks. I plan to do more cardio during the next 4 weeks. -Ed

  14. Looks like you're right on track.
  15. Day 35

    Weight: 242.5lbs (+4lbs)

    dosage: 40mg (10 in the a.m., 20 Pre & 10 post)

    Workout: Very good!

    -For the final 4 weeks of this, I'm changing my workout just a bit. I'm going to have a power day and then a higher rep, lighter day. My power day will be squats, bench press/incline presses and then cleans or deads. My light day will be pullups, dips, pulldowns, curls, rowing, stuff like that. Each day will be followed up with some type of cardio. Yesterday was a "light" day followed up with 10 minutes of HIIT on a stationary bike. I was in a bit of foul mood so I took it out on the weights! I had my pulse in the 155 range when I was doing HIIT.

    I won't lift today or tomorrow, but will be back at it on Friday. My libido might be down just a notch, but I haven't felt the greatest the past few days, so maybe that has something to do with it? That's about the only thing noticable right now.

  16. keep it up. you're lookin good.
  17. Day 38

    Weight: 242.5 (+4lbs)

    Dose: 40mg, 20 Pre & 20 post.

    Workout: PowerDay! Bench, squats, incline db presses and hang cleans (from my waist).

    Good workout. Did 8 1/2 x 275lbs (needed a little help at top)! Really wanted 9 reps unassisted...next time. Still shooting for 10 reps by end of this cycle.

    Nothing negative to report. Weight has stayed pretty consistent at 242.5lbs.

    Day 39 is an off day, day 40 back in the gym.
  18. Day 40

    Weight: 243.5 (+5lbs)

    Dose: 40mg, 20 Pre & 20 post.

    Workout: Good! Today was my lighter/higher rep day. Felt good & strong, nice pump too. Finished up with 10 min. of HIIT on a stationary bike.

    Other Stuff: Checked my blood pressure today. The ave. of 3 readings was 125/73. Nice to see this hasn't changed for the worse.

    Joints are a little sore, like they are "drying" out. Everything else (libido, skin, sleep, etc) good.
  19. Days 41 & 42

    Day 41 (yesterday)

    Weight: 243 (+4.5lbs)

    Dose: None, non-workout day.


    Had some sides today. Joints, all over were very achy today. I had some minor back pumps and my skin seemed to be breaking out a little bit. Also, very thirsty, couldn't get enough water.

    Day 42 (today)

    Weight: 243 (+4.5lbs)

    Dose: 40mgs, 10 in the a.m., 20 Pre & 10 Post workout.

    Workout: Power Day (later today)
  20. Days 43 & 44

    Both are off days for me.

    Day 43: 242
    Day 44: 243

    Everything seems to be kicking in pretty good. Joints are aching, my skin is breaking out and I put on a t-shirt I haven't worn in about a month and it was pretty snug on my arms/chest/shoulders, but not the belly!

    post cycle therapy

    I have enough pills left for 6 more doses @ 40mg per workout. This will bring me to 10/9 or 56 days of pulsing. Starting 10/1, on my off-days, I'm going to take 2 caps of Cissus-Drol at Night for the final 5 off-days. I have a bottle of 6-oxo Extreme that I then will take for 10 days once the Epithin-E is done. I need to be finished up by 10/20 because I'm in Vegas on 10/21.
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  21. Update

    Day 45: 40mg
    Day 46: OFF
    Day 47: 40mg

    Weight: 245lbs

    Some numbers: start/ 30 days/ 47 days

    238.5 / 242.5 /245 (+6.5lbs)

    196.16 / 201.63 / 204.35 (+8lbs)

    Fat Mass:
    41.84 / 40.87 / 40.65 (-1.19lbs)

    BodyFat %
    17.58 / 16.85 / 16.59 (-1%)


    -At 40mg, I seem to be putting on a pound of week of LBM. fat is ever so slowly dropping. 9 more days of pulsing (4 doses) left.
  22. day 48

    Dosage: None
    Weight: 243 (+4.5lbs)

    Day 47 Workout: Awful. By far the worst workout I've had since starting this log. Not sure why, but strength/stamina simply weren't there. I am fighting either allergies or an allergic reaction to something, so I don't feel the best. This is the third time I've had this.

    Weight is down a couple of pounds from yesterday. 243 is likely a more accurate number then 245.

    Today, an off-day, I'm taking 2 pills of Cissus-Drol. I'll continue this for my next 5 off-days. At this point, my Epithin-E will be done and I then will begin taking 6-oxo Extreme @ 8 pills per day (4 in the a.m. & 4 in the p.m.).

    Tomorrow, day 49, I'm back in the gym.
  23. Ta Da!

    Hello Everyone-

    I finished this up a few doses early. Here are my final numbers. These are somewhat different from earlier numbers I put down because I had input them wrong initially. This was a 49 day Pulse and I use fitToGether to track my numbers and calculate bf, lbm, etc.

    Numbers are Start/Finish

    Weight: 238/242.5 (+4.5lbs)

    BF: 16.03/14.17 (-2%)

    LBM: 199.85/208.41 (+9lbs)

    Fat Mass: 38.15/34.36 (-4lbs)

    Bench Press
    275x6 to 275 x 8

    I will write a final review & my thoughts later, but here are the numbers.
  24. Final Review

    I ran this stack for 49 days. Most weeks I took it 3 x per week, but I did run it 4 x per week for a couple of them working my way up to 40mg on workout days. Initially, I was going to "cut" while doing this, but that lasted 5 days. I really never changed my diet much, eating clean 80% of the time. I did have 1-2 cheat meals per week followed up with a few beers, but nothing overboard.

    -I think the numbers speak for themself. In 7 weeks, I added 9lbs of LBM, dropped 4lbs of fat with a drop in BF of 2%. I added a 1/4 inch to my arms, an inch to my legs, chest and an inch and a half to my shoulders. My belly and my waist went down almost an inch. A very good recomposition IMO. Strength increase was good, but not earth shattering. Maybe for a less experienced lifter, they might see more dramatic gains, but I'm happy with the increase.

    -I didn't experience any one thing that awful. My blood pressure stayed good, I never had a terrible breakout with my skin and my aggression was more or less in check. I sometimes felt "disconnected" or "spacey", I was thirsty a lot and when I was at 40mg per day, my joints hurt. I certainly wasn't real patient most of the time, so it was an issue here and there. Overall though, I'd say this was pretty mild.

    Final thoughts:
    -I was very pleased with this pulse cycle, it did a lot more then I thought it would. Lots of fish oil & cissus really helped with the Joint issue and water is a must! Had I tried to bulk, I'm certain I could have put on a lot of weight, but at 5'11, 242.5lbs is enough. My bf is now down to the 14-15% range and my goal is to get down to 11-12%. Would I run this again? You bet. It didn't kill my libido, I lost bodyfat, added LBM and my strength went up. I'm guessing I'll run this next spring.

    Thanks to those that have followed this thread. I've started a bit of a PCT, though I'm not sure I need it and I will post a few updates to see if I lose much muscle or see any changes over the next month. Thanks once again to "GL" for selecting me to run this.

  25. damn bro worked out great for u im surely jealous


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