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    Stack Help

    I am new to this site and signed up because I was hoping to get some advice on my stack and see if I need to change it up at all. At the moment I lift and run everyday. I am trying to lean up and get defined.

    This was my old stack that I had for 8 weeks:
    Lipo 6 (Fat Burner)
    Mega men multi-vitamin
    Syntha 6 whey protein
    17-HD test amplifier

    This stack gave me great results and the lipo 6 did a great job of leaning me out. Here is my new stack that I wanted to get reviewed:

    Lipodrene w/ ephedra (fat burner)
    Syntha 6 whey protein
    Tren Xtreme (amplifier)
    6-OXO estrogen blocker
    Mega men multi-vitamin
    Milk Thistle (Liver Vitamin)

    What do you guys think? Also, can I incorporate the milk thistle into my stack while I am taking the Tren. Thanks

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    what are your stats and goals? routine and diet?

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