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  1. Rodja's Activate Extreme Test

    First, I would like to thank Rob and the DS crew for picking me to test out their new product. I have previously taken Activate and got some solid results so I am expecting this new version to be even better. Dosing will be 4 caps/day about 12 hours apart. I don't have a reason for doing this, I just like to take make supplements as evenly as possible.

    My MMA training breaks down into 3 phases: strength/power, endurance, and technique. I train 2 out of the 3 phases 6x/week and sometimes combine them into one session.
    Mon-weights, sprints
    Tue-BJJ, endurance
    Wed-weights, Thai boxing
    Thu-BJJ, endurance
    Fri-weights, Thai boxing
    Sat-BJJ, endurance

    It is a little vague ATM, but I will expanf after each training session. I haven't done my sprints today as of this moment, but my lifts were:
    Flat BP-155x5, 165x4, 185x1, 190x1, 135x3x3 (Westside style)
    BB Rows-205x3x5 (dynamic)
    Dips-BWx10, BW+15x8
    One-Arm Rows/Side Laterals-100x8/35x10, 100x8/35x10
    Trunk Rotations/Weighted Crunches-60x20x2/110x30x2

    Overall, it was a solid WO; nothing spectacular, but it was not bad. I am going to do sprints at about 8 PM and that will be the true test of whether or not today was a successful training day. I will take measurements tomorrow along with goals, etc.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  2. W3rd!

  3. So you are taking 2 caps twice daily?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by xjsynx View Post
    So you are taking 2 caps twice daily?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. I was confusing the dosage with the og ActivaTe dosage.

  6. Subscribed: I don't know if I missed it but are you bulking, cutting, re-comping ?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior View Post
    Subscribed: I don't know if I missed it but are you bulking, cutting, re-comping ?
    I am going for a slight recomp, maybe stay the same weight, but trim a little BF and gain some LBM, and strength gains. I can't get too much bigger than a lean 180 otherwise cutting to 170 may be difficult and dangerous. I would say that I am in the 11% BF range and would like to eventually get down to about 7%.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  8. Great to see you getting a chance to log this rodja... looking forward to seeing what you get out of it.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  9. good luck, sub'ed

  10. I'm gonna beat Rodja up.

    J/k dude, solid thread.

  11. sub: good luck(work hard)

  12. I did my sprints after work today and I was only able to get 8 instead of my usual 10. The sprint was at 11 MPH on a 5% grade and the rest was 4 MPH at a 5% grade. I alternated between 30 seconds and 40 seconds on the sprint and 90 and 80 seconds on the rest. My HR just didn't feel right and I couldn't get enough air for some reason. Oh well, I didn't train for 11 days so I am not surprised to see a minor drop off in performance.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  13. chalk it bro - sometimes that's how it is

    take it for motivation for your next workout

    8 instead of 10 is better than an excuse on why you could not do 1 - so good job

  14. Quote Originally Posted by matthew76 View Post
    chalk it bro - sometimes that's how it is

    take it for motivation for your next workout

    8 instead of 10 is better than an excuse on why you could not do 1 - so good job
    I started having trouble at 4, but I went for as long as I could. I am not really that upset by it, just disappointed.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  15. I had BJJ and conditioning training today. BJJ was open mat so I was able to get a solid 45 minutes of free rolling and I was able to get a few of my training partners with a brabo choke and a d'arce choke, which I learned from an instructional video today. My conditioning consisted of this: 10 burpees, 20 jumping jacks, 10 sprawls into a knee strike, and 10 box jumps on a 2 ft boxed followed by a 1/4 mile run. I did this 4 times with 1 minute rest between sets for a total of 16 minutes of training time. I am going to work my way up to 6 on these sets as I draw closer to my fight and maybe increase the reps as well.


    I could make weight tomorrow if I needed to so I am going to focus on adding some LBM and stripping away some adipose. Ideally, at the end of this cycle, I will be at or slightly above my current weight, but 9-10%BF and with increased strength.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  16. Great log thus far, Rodja! Will def keep an eye on this one.

  17. Alright Rodja! Will be following along again for sure! When is your next match up?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by PumpYouUp View Post
    Alright Rodja! Will be following along again for sure! When is your next match up?
    I definitively have one set up for mid-to-late November, but I would really like to get another fight between now and then.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  19. subscr'bd - this is a good log. . .

  20. sub'd I was thinking of using this between fadogia/trib test boosting cycles, really interested

  21. very on board for this

  22. Todays lifts-
    Cleans-165x8, 185x6, 190x1 (traps were dead)
    Lunge/Squats on Smith-135x5x3/135x10x3 (20 seconds rest)
    Wide Grip Pulldowns-170x6x2
    Step-Ups/Hammer Curls-90x5x2/50x6x2 (20 seconds rest)
    Trunk Rotations/Woodchoppers-60x20x2/60x10x2

    Overall, I felt pretty good during this WO and my recovery between sets was pretty good. My MCL in my right knee was a little cranky, but not enought to slow me down. I have to skip my second training session today to pack and move out of my apartment. I know the AX is still building in my system, but I am already feeling the effects of the Rhodiola, which is awesome.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  23. sweet... interested in your results and impressions of AXtreme

    looking good so far

  24. /subbed.

  25. Yesterday was an awesome BJJ class. I pulled off a freakin gogoplata on a blue belt. It is definitely one of my proudest accomplishments in BJJ as of this moment and I actually starting shouting after I pulled it off. I have been moving the past couple of days so I haven't been able to get in all parts of my training since Tuesday. I am going to lift in a few hours and I will update tonight.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys



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