Endorush..brief review

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  1. Yeah Endorush is a pretty damn good product. I gotta admit for BSN it is extremely good and I've always been happy when I've used it. Redline's flavoring is so strong it makes me nauseated just due to how it is flavored. Endorush's is more blunt and kinda weird, but it works. If you take 1 endorush which is like 3.19 here where I am and drink half the bottle, your probably spending like $1.50 each time you use it. I just use half a bottle which works out for me then just re-cap it. Any other drinks you need to drink THE WHOLE thing, esp if it is in a can so Endorush isn't all that bad when you break it down.

    I mean it is strong and it works. That's what the product should do, so I'm ok with that. I'm probably not going to buy anymore weak/sucky pre-workout powders when I can just get a bottle of this stuff, open the cap, drink and run. Who always has time to use a shaker then mix powder and do all that crap ?

    There are alot of OK pre-workout powder stuff there, but results have been average at best.

  2. Yeah your right about all that, I have RPM coming in now and should be here by the beginning of next week. Can't wait till Friday tho so I can finish the bottle before my workout, I'm in love with it now lol. Over here it cost's $4 a bottle and I don't have the kind of money to go around spending that all the time, wish I did tho haha.

  3. Yeah i've been looking at another way of getting it cheaper. It is slightly cheaper if I were to buy a box of 12 or something. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do but buying each one individually is pretty expensive,i agree. To me a box of 12 is like 24 servings, which is compareable to most other products out there plus the convience. I usually just drink 1/4 of the bottle and if I need more I'll drink another 1/4. It just depends on how tired I am.

  4. Oh. I have to get up at 7:15 every Monday Wedsday and Friday to workout at the school weight room so I'm saving it for then because I'm pretty much dead unless I drink a strong energy drink. The other days I workout at home so I get up later.

  5. I want to try FIxx and Wired x505, i heard wired is the strongest energy drink out,

    get those!!! Had an XS today, like a monster or redbull, just for taste. Tasted amazing though, no sugar. Root bear flavored

  6. Whats XS ?

  7. Some small little energy drink, like 10 more mg than Redbull.

    It has an amazing taste. I suggest you try it. It's a pleasant little thing. I've tried 2 flavors and loved them

  8. Will you be stocking Any More energy Drinks?

    lol help me reaper, fellow asian (even tho i'm only half)

  9. Check your pm.
  10. Nuspeed


    You guys oughtta give Nuspeed a try...its really hard to fine...flavor is okay, a little sweet to cover all the actives im sure...but damn it'll light you up!!

  11. Got a link?


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