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  1. Day 30

    Still struggling to finish my FIRST bottle of Reset-A.D. So, today took 4 caps of Reset-A.D.

    Anyone else tried taking 4 caps of Reset-A.D before?

    Because of the couple of days I failed or chose not to take Reset-A.D. and the the 10 or so days I only took one cap of Reset-A.D., I still got 9 caps of Reset A.D. left in my first bottle of Reset-A.D. despite taking a mighty dose of 4 caps today.

    Took 2 caps during the day, one in the evening and took the last dose just minutes ago - I am not feeling anything special expect that once again I do not feel like getting to sleep easily even though it's already midnight.

    It's already day 30 and I have not seen anything out of this world so far, so I thought why not give the 4 caps dosage a try - in my mind the recommended dosages are not necessarily the optimal dosages for everyone so I am still kind of hoping that increasing the dosage to 4 caps might just make the difference.

    Will keep you posted as we enter day 31. Stay tuned!

  2. Day 31

    Today I took once again 4 caps of Reset-A.D.

    After the second cap which I took only 3 hours after the first one - I noticed a similar type of increased "jittery" nervousness like if you just took an overdose of caffeine on an empty stomach - nothing too pleasant, but nothing too worrying either.

    After the fourth cap, I did not perk up in any way shape or form like I did on day 28 when I felt an "incredible rush of energy and drive" - today felt almost lethargic by the time I hit the gym - just barely managed get through a chest workout.

    So, so far it seems that the best experiences I have had with Reset-A.D. are the improved sleep that I started experiencing after the second week (while doing mostly 1 cap a day) and that 5-6 lbs. weight-loss from the first week (while dosing mostly 2 caps a day) which I am actually not sure what to attribute that one to.

    Anyhow I can definitely say that after that I have not been able to experience any further benefits from taking Reset-A.D. even varying my dosages from the one cap a day up to even taking 4 caps a day (the last two days).

    Tomorrow will be the concluding day of my log so far.

  3. Day 32

    I actually took 5 caps of Reset-A.D. today - or yesterday - depending on how you want to count it - I took one cap of Reset A.D. at 1:00 yesterday, so not sure does that count as dose 5 of yesterday or my first cap of day 32.

    If we count it as being the first dose it for day 32, I took a real "superdose" of 5 caps of Reset-A.D today (if you prefer to count it as my last dose of day 31, then I took 5 caps yesterday).

    So, yesterday I took 5 caps:

    1 x Reset-A.D at 9:00 a.m.
    1 x Reset-A.D at 12:00 a.m
    1 x Reset-A.D at 4:00 p.m.
    1 x Reset-A.D at 8.30 p.m. (pre-workout)
    1 x Reset-A.D at 1:00 a.m (pre-bed time)

    Today I took 4 caps:

    2 x 2 caps during the day (around 2 p.m.)
    2 x 2 in the evening pre-workout (around 8 p.m.)

    Yesterday I commented on NOT noticing any increased benefits from taking 4 caps (4 x 1 cap) or even 5 caps (5 x 1). Today I can definitely say that for the first time I noticed a definite difference when taking 2 caps in a single dose twice a day as opposed to taking x times 1 cap a day.

    Taking the one cap - once or twice a a day - has improved my sleep, but never ever gave me any sustained elevation in mood or energy.

    Today after takin the first dose of 2 x 2 I definitely felt a change in my mood that lasted all day long - after the second dose I felt even more improved mood, plus a slight stim effect.

    I took the first 2 caps with no stims, the second with a selection of mostly caffeinated fat-burners/mental enhancers.

    So, tomorrow will most likely be the conluding day for this log as I'm starting my RPM along with some other new supps, but I definitely will continue taking Reset-A.D. as finally it seems that I have found a dosing that works for me.

  4. I just wanted to say nice log. I'm thinking about taking this supp because ive been through about 6 months with screwy sleep patterns and I get very tired in the afternoon allmost narcolepsy like and have unnessecary amounts of energy at night.
    Maybe you should try taking some benedryl at around 11pm to knock you out so you go to sleep at a reasonable time. Getting a good nights sleep is mandatory to get cortisol levels within a good range.

  5. Thanks keninishna! Yeah, it's sure been quite a struggle - I can definitely hear what you saying about the afternoon narcolepsy and the consequent extra unnecessary energy when you don't want it in the middle of the night when you are suppose to be sleeping. I have been struggling with these issues for years!

    I actually had my cortisol levels checked on day 9 - about a little over a week into taking Reset-A.D. and my cortisol levels were ok, even a little low. Not sure though if they were ever even elevated because of the adrenal fatigue I suspected to begin with, though.

    As for taking Reset-A.D. I recommend having a little patience and not being afraid to experiment with the dosing because at least for me it took something like 32 days to find a dosing that seems to help me not only in improving sleep, but also in the mood and energy department.

    If you choose to give Reset-A.D. a try, I wish you a good one! Have fun, but be patient!


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