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  1. Quote Originally Posted by beebab View Post
    nice log so far, subb'd. also, nice lifts I must say. You can push up 140 lb dumbbells in the shoulder press? Thats good **** bro, very impressive. you gonna post any pics?
    I think you're mistaken =/ By 140 I mean 70s (70+70)

    I'm posting a few pics as we speak

  2. photo sucks, but it's all i've got right now. I'll post more later on. This was taken a few days ago.


  3. Quote Originally Posted by rothyman View Post
    I think you're mistaken =/ By 140 I mean 70s (70+70)

    I'm posting a few pics as we speak
    haha oh, well whatever. 70 is still nothing to scoff at. keep up the good work bro, interested to see your results on epi

  4. Day 10

    Yesterday I had a great workout. I didn't record it all, but I got a few things down. I feel like Epistane is starting to kick in. While my weight hasn't gone up all that much, I feel like I look a little more vascular. My girlfriend told me I looked "bigger" when she saw me today for the first time in 4 or 5 days.

    Also, I found the right dosage for me.
    12pm (pre-workout)-10mg
    10pm - 10mg

    Deadlift (5x5)

    Bent Over BB Rows (5x5)

    Lat Pushdowns (6x4)

    Those were my major lifts, I also did some other various rows and some lower back work.

    I've never had such a pumped/sore back after workout. I could hardly operate at work lastnight. This is a good sore, though. I feel as if my I really got the workout I needed yesterday. I'm taking 2 days to go up to NYC, I'll be back Friday for Chest/Tris

  5. Day 13

    WT : 179LBS (+6!)


    Dosage : 10mg 9AM, 10mg 12PM (PWO), 10mg 6PM
    DHEA : 100mg 9AM, 100mg 6PM

    Epistane kicks ass. I've been lifting for 5 years since starting football in high school. I've easily improved lifts on all my body parts EXCEPT my CHEST. I've never been able to get my max above 225 on bench, yet alone put 225 up more than once. Epistane has helped me BREAK this plateau. FINALLY. I've been taking it for 2 weeks now and it's finally starting to kick in like I've been told it should.


    BB Flat Bench
    205x6 (PR!!!)

    BB Inc. Bench

    Decline Flies


    Dual Standing Tri. Kickbacks (w/ Rotation @ end)

    Cable Tri. Kickbacks

    Diamond Pushups

    Overall kickass day in the gym. It may not look like much, but my CHEST is always the weakest part of my week. I haven't set a PR on bench in almost a year. I don't credit this only to epistane, but also to the 5x5 program that after years of avoiding, I finally decided to test out (with great results!). I went in to todays workout fearing that I wouldn't be able to finish 185 in my 5x5. Instead, I felt so great I upped it 20lbs and did it 6 times!

  6. Day 17

    Weight - 176lbs

    Dosage - (40mg) - 10mg 9am, 10mg PWO, 10mg 5PM, 10mg 11PM

    Overall Feeling - Very good. I've been waiting for signs of vascularity and I'm finally getting them. I look a lot better around my chest and my back muscles are really defined.

    Strength - +20lbs bench, +10lbs Deadlift

    Sides - Minor Acne, Minor loss in libido, Intense backpumps (need at least 5mg Taurine/day), Lethargy (then again I've worked 11 days in a row with no break ), Some Joint Pain

    Major Lifts :
    BB Bench Press - 205x6 (5x5)
    Squats - 245x5 (5x5)
    Deadlift - 265x5 (5x5)

  7. subbed.

  8. Day 31 (4 days remaining)

    WT : 180

    Epistane @ 60mg
    20mg Pre-WO (11am)
    10mg Post-WO (1PM)
    20mg @ 6PM
    10mg Before bed

    DHEA - 100mg Pre-WO, 100mg Before bed

    Ok, so first of all I apologize for not keeping a detailed log for the past 2 weeks. I've upped my doses as follows -

    20/30/30/40/50-60 (last 4 days of cycle @ 60)

    I decided to up my dosage to 60 since I was seeing really no ill side effects besides some occasional lethargy.

    Summary of Cycle

    I'm not overly impressed with my cycle. Not because of Epistane, but because of some poor nutrition and training during the cycle. So I guess I should said, I'm not very impressed with my discipline.

    With that said, I did gain 7lbs of lean mass. I made the following strength gains -

    185 x 6 (Before)
    215 x 6 (NOW)

    275x5 (Before)
    335x5 (NOW)

    N/A - Quad injury really didn't allow me to squat towards the last few weeks of my cycle.

    I'm very impressed with my appearance. My core is substantially larger and more defined. I've been getting all kinds of compliments @ the gym. Ranging from "How did you get your torso so big?" to "Man you must be on gear"

    Overall, I'm pleased with my gains. With that said, I'm looking forward to going into post cycle therapy so I can finally start going out with my buddies to drink. The last month I've been practically a social nobody to avoid drinking and/or smoking.

    I begin Torem @ 120mg Monday. I haven't picked up ReduceXT yet, but I'm still contemplating adding it to my PCT. Oh yeah, and as far as libido, I didn't notice any shutdown until I bumped it up to 60mg. And even @ 60mg, shutdown is minimal.

    If anyone has ?s let me know.

  9. Id have to congratulate you, that is a good cycle imo. 7lbs from epi and some numbers gained on your lifts....that is good bro.

  10. Good in depth log, Liked it cuz i ran dhea for a month @ 100mg With taking serious mass thru optinum nutrition and rolled up 14lbs so lets see what epi does on it, im on day 7 lol and wanting it to kick in!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by MattRoeske View Post
    Good in depth log, Liked it cuz i ran dhea for a month @ 100mg With taking serious mass thru optinum nutrition and rolled up 14lbs so lets see what epi does on it, im on day 7 lol and wanting it to kick in!
    14lbs from that?! how much serious mass were u taking in each day?

  12. I was dong 1.5 servings a day so an added 1800 cals about 400 carbs + 75g protein etc all from serious mass

    on like day 17 of Epi with added Dhea at 40mgs I boosted it up because 30 didnt seem like much now i get such a pump and feel like i can lift the whole gym, Hit some record #'s today in back/chest and ate 5 deep dish slices yest gained 2.2lbs haha

  13. take some pics dude !

  14. Good log, too bad I got in here late. Yeah, I was impressed and confused with DB exercises . . . who has 170 lb DBs? Then I realized that you added the 2 for a total.

    Pics coming?


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