punksurfer transforms with EVO stack......from alri

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  1. Day 44

    rest day.

    notes on Restore: nothing new.

  2. Day 45

    good leg day, then jumped on stationary bike for 25 minutes and hit tread mill for 15.....

    notes on Restore: nothing new to note

  3. Day 46

    rode 10.56 miles in 34.91 minutes which comes out to 18.4 mph average.....not good not bad, got a top speed of 37.2 mph though which was fun!!!! unable to hit gym today didnt have time had to take wife's little sis to her dads in orlando.....

    notes on Restore: nothing new to add, mood seems to be good still....very lethargic again though....

  4. A little late, but welcome to the board Punk!
  5. Day 47

    rest day today......

    notes on Restore: nothing new to note, no sides at all......libido still up, aggression has increased a bit.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn View Post
    A little late, but welcome to the board Punk!
    thanks! i appreciate the welcome
  7. Day 48

    rode 19 miles this morning on my bike.........did shoulders traps and abs later in the day...... strength is still up

    notes on Restore: no sides noted today, strength has gone up a lil on a shoulder press
  8. Day 49

    strong back and bi day......then did a quick 2.2 miles jog....

    notes on Restore: no sides, nothing bad to report, libido still high.

    weigh in: 176 i was really dehydrated today though, left my water at home during medic school.
  9. Day 50

    rest day today.

    notes on Restore: nothing new to report.....still same effects....i am leaning a bit though
  10. Day 51

    rode 21 miles today at a pretty fast pace with a group of about 8 riders.....no gym though, didnt have time...

    notes on product: nothing new, ride felt stronger......libido high, recovery is fast.....
  11. Day 52

    rode 31 miles this morning in 1hr 45 minutes.......did chest and tris in the gym.....felt good chest was especially strong....

    notes on Restore: nothing new to add, no sides, strength is up.
  12. Day 54

    went to gym worked out legs, even added some stiff leg dead lifts to the mix, anyway got motivated and jogged the 5 miles home from the gym....

    notes on Restore: nothing new to report.....2 days left
  13. Day 56

    rode 11.5 miles this morning with a serious headache!!!! havent gone to gym as of time of this post but will in a few hours....

    notes on Restore: libido still up, strength feels good did a strong sprint to beat a stop light and was at 33mph love it....

    ************this is finaly day, final review as well as final pics should be up tonight, give me a little time though as today is my daughters 1st bday*************
  14. final review

    Here it is the final review...........

    intro: after 8 long weeks alot has happened, not only have i learned from this log but it has done what i wanted it to. The last 2 weeks or so of log my training style became very focused on cardio due to the end of the transformation contest coming up. So I went from a clean bulk to a clean cut, and the stack worked out perfect! so without further adue on to the ratings......

    mass building 10 out of 10
    occurance of side effects 4 out of 10
    libido 10 out of 10
    recovery 9 out of 10
    cutting 10 out of 10
    OVERALL 9 out of 10

    reasoning........mass was rated high for obvious reason, they are all mass building products. sides was so low due to the sides i did get on cycle including a POSSIBLE pre-gyno case (which did subside). libido was high through out stack. recovery was good but there was still noticable soreness lasting for days. cutting was great past 2 weeks, of course cardio was intense as well but still very pleasing.

    individual product notes:

    -JW great product, enjoyed the cycle other then the sides...had the most sides of this product

    BAM/PA- notes are together as they were never used seperate. noticed GREAT mood the entire time i was on these which was excellent. no other real changes though that i could tell.

    Restore- favorite of the cycle, NO sides, and i do contribute the recovery from the sides of JW to restore. lots of strength and cut very well with it.

    pics will be posted in a bit, just finishing loading them on photobucket. thanks ALRI and thanks all who followed.

  15. the end pics

  16. Nice final review, man! Awesome final pics, too! Looks like your hard work is paying off!!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  17. Quote Originally Posted by ncangey0513 View Post
    Nice final review, man! Awesome final pics, too! Looks like your hard work is paying off!!
    thanks man i appreciate it!

  18. nice log, im starting jw tomorrow while bulking

  19. Quote Originally Posted by drksun View Post
    nice log, im starting jw tomorrow while bulking
    thanks.....good luck!


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