punksurfer transforms with EVO stack......from alri

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  1. Day 18

    great chest and tri workout today......feel like strength is definatly up....

    notes on JW, BAM, PA: nothing new to report, again feel really great though...

  2. Day 19

    leg day, very strong......jumped on stationary bike for 20 minutes of hill.....can barely walk now

    notes on JW, BAM, PA: been having some very very vivid dreams lately.......other then that good to go

  3. Day 20

    rest day thank god!

    notes on JW,BAM,PA: nothing new very tired alot of the time.
  4. Day 21

    shoulders traps and abs day!!! did 25 minutes on the bike on interval hill setting......starting to really love the bike cardio, actually look forward to it!

    notes on JW, BAM, PA: noticed some left flank and left upper quadrant pain in gut....still has yet to subside but does get worse about 30-40 minutes after taking the stack....
  5. Day 22

    back and bis good and strong...was a dumbass and forgot water at home so i decided to skip cardio being i was already dehydrated....

    notes on JW,BAM,PA: still feeling the flank pain, and still noticing more pain about 30-40 minutes after taking stack....not sure what this is hoping itll subside....also in another great mood even though im overly aggresive.

  6. Day 23

    rest day today......diet is good

    notes on JW,BAM,PA: mood is still good, flank pain is still there and still worse about 30 minutes after taking supps. not sure if its stomach pains that im feeling in my side or something else.
  7. update

    update, weigh in today was 186.5........unfortunatly im noticing alot of nipple sensitivity....not puffy or swollen....just very sensitive....onset was about 3 hours ago ( 1300 on 6/21/07) ill update more later.....just incase ill be checking my nolva reserves to make sure i have some on hand tomorow when i get off shift. ALRI reps please PM me for further details if you would like.
  8. Day 24

    chest and tri day.....did 25 minutes on the stationary bike as well

    notes on JW,BAM,PA: still have the sensitive nipples especially the left one..still no puffyness or swelling. mood is still up there and flank pain isnt as bad today.
  9. Day 27

    today was shoulder traps and abs day......very strong also did 20 minutes on stationary bike at an rpm of 110 or higher the entire time.

    notes on JW,PA,BAM: nothing new to report still nipple sensitive and agression is up. libido is up as well.
  10. Day 28

    back and bis in the gym....felt strong did 20 minutes on stationary bike....starting to lean out and look alot "fuller".

    notes on JW,BAM,PA: still nipple soreness, flank pain gone. great mood again! this will be last day on JW tomorow will be first day on BAM,PA,Restore. should get interesting!
  11. Day 29

    rest day today, i need it! diet is on key though.....

    notes on PA,BAM,Restore: today is first day of restore in the mix, nipple still sore, and mood is still great.....libido is way up still as well.

  12. weigh in today was 186.5 pounds

  13. Good to see your weight going up
  14. Day 30

    chest and tris today......did 20 minutes on the stationary bike....

    notes on PA,BAM,Restore: nothing new nipple still sore, mood is still great seem to be leaning out a bit as well..

  15. Quote Originally Posted by hman85 View Post
    Good to see your weight going up
    yep, leaning out as well.
  16. Day 32

    rest day, diet good.....

    notes on PA,BAM,Restore: nipple still sore, mood is still good and noticing alot of soreness in quads from yesterdays workout!

  17. weigh in was 187! here comes the weight!
  18. Day 33

    shoulders, traps and abs in the gym......very strong!!! looked extremely pumped during workout as well......

    notes on PA,BAM,Restore: starting to look a little bloated...has anyone else noticed this? nipples still sensitive but noticing it more in the evening then the am for whatever reason...

  19. how many days are you running this cycle?
  20. Day 34

    back and bis, great workout! couldnt stand the no cardio thing and i went for 15 minutes on the stationary bike...

    notes on PA,BAM,Restore: it has now gone from just sensitive to puffy, small (size of a tictac) lump behind left nipple but both are puffy...... sensitivity has gone down a bit though. looking very pumped in gym! strength feels way up still.......

    weigh in: 186.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by hman85 View Post
    how many days are you running this cycle?
    ill be running it a total of 56 days or 8 weeks.
  22. Day 35

    rest day today

    notes on PA,BAM,Restore: nothing new to report same issue as before

    Libido- is way up!

    Recovery- feels up not really getting sore after workout even though im pushing more weight

    Attitude- aggresive and mood is GREAT!

    lethargy - none, it seems all the lethargy was just with JW and nothing else
  23. Day 37

    today was chest and tris due to gym closed yesterday.......very strong and started my increased cardio for beginning of contest. 30 minutes on stationary

    notes on PA,BAM,Restore: nipples still puffy in morning but are going down a bit, sensitivity is gone as well........

  24. Nice lookin' log, brotha! Sorry I'm so late. Subscribed!
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review
  25. Day 38

    rest day today.

    notes on PA,BAM,Restore: nipples look like puffyness is going away, thank god.......libido is a little less then id like, lethargy feels like its coming back again. other then that good to go.
  26. Day 39

    did an 8.5 mile ride on my bike today, then did shoulders traps and abs at the gym.

    notes on PA,BAM,Restore: nipples still a bit sensitive again, but puffyness is going down. libido wayyyyyy up, lethargy up as well.
  27. Day 40

    woke up and went for a nice hour and half jog! no gym today didnt have time with family taking me out and what not.....

    notes on PA,BAM,Restore: going good. felt good on my run this morning......nipple sensitivity is down, and puffyness is GONE!!!!! things looking up speaking of libido is still WAY up as well.
  28. Day 41

    rest day today, gonna do a good ride tomorow morning when i get off shift.

    notes on PA,BAM,Restore: nothing new, seems that all gyno like symptoms have subsided. lethargy is still high, libido high as well, recovery seems to be up also.
  29. Day 42

    started out the day with a 13 mile ride at an average pace of 19mph......went go gym around 1pm and did back and bis....great workout very motivated

    notes on PA,BAM,Restore: today is last day of PA and BAM mood is good, no gyno like symptoms, libido is up, aggressiveness is back up......

    weight: down to 182 which is fine by me, as ive added alot more cardio and was looking to cut into upper 170s for the contest...
  30. Day 43

    chest and tris, very strong workout..... diet was on key, no cardio today unfortunatly had school till 5.....

    notes on Restore: still no gyno like symptoms, mood is good, libido still high. strength is still up but has plateu'd since about day 30ish....weight was 182 holding steady hopefully ill drop down into the high 170's by then end of july....but of course keep mass


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